Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Clark County Fair

I have been going to the fair every April ever since

I can remember.
I used to live in Logandale right

across the street from the fairgrounds.

This was
Ivy's 1st year going!!!

Welcome Ivy Ann!!!!!!!!!

Ivy's birth announcement. Picture taken by Diana Petersen (= THANK YOU!!!!


Ivy's 1st vacation. We stayed in Oceanside right on the beach. It was beautiful!!! Ivy LOVED the sand. (=

She did very well in the car

I don't know wear she got it...

May 2008

Visiting the 801

My brother Aaron attended a camp at BYU from July 13th-19th so I stayed with my friend Shana and visited a lot of my Provo buddies.

Shana & Ivy
(best friend from hair school)

It was lots of fun!!! Ivy got to meet her father and her brother for the first time (=

Ivy & Alessandro
(Ivy's half brother)

Ivy & Vance....before & after

Ali & I at the family Christmas party.

Ivy was born just a couple weeks later.

There finally here!!! Ivy & Vance Waldron (=

This picture was taken after Vance's blessing
Ivy was about a month and a half old.

My 21st!!!

I'm 21!!!

For my birthday my family stayed at our timeshare in Vegas.

Ivy and I shared the master suite.

Then we went to STOMP OUT LOUD and MOMMA MIA!!! Both were gr8!!!!

(= Ivy was amazed by my birthday balloons.

I touched a slot machine...cos i can (=

Mommy and me photoshoot

Ivy and I have been going to a mommy and me mixer group once a week and they
had a little photo shoot at the end of June. It was fun but Ivy got distracted by the

Best friends bridal shower!!!!

My friend Crystal Sander's (now Hunter) just got married!!! These pictures are from the shower I put together for her. It was so fun!!!

I drew him!!!

July 4th!!!

We stayed at our timeshare here in Vegas for a week, these pictures are from the pool party at the resort (=
Aunt Brittany took Ivy to get her 1st face painting...she didn't like that very much but she let the lady give her a firework arm painting. She still looks a little upset in the picture.
Ivy is six months and 2 days old (=

Brennan visits from CHINA!!!

My sister Brennan left in Sept. 07 to work as a gondolier at
the Venetian hotel in China. These pictures are taken
when she surprised us and came down to visit!!! March
13-19 2008. This was the 1st time Ivy and Brennan met.
Brennan brought us lots of fun gifts
including these wraps Ivy and I are
wearing, she found them when she
visited the Philippians.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ivy's 1st food!!!

Ivy tried her first solid food!!! Mid July 2008....I didn't know that carrots were not
good for a first food :/ oops...now she eats bananas, sweet potatos, winter squash
and on Aug. 2nd she had her 1st finger food...PEAS!!!

1st photoshoot

Ivy Ann

born Jan 2, 2008. 7lbs 4ounces.