Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

uh huh. oooo

This was the day after Ivy's birthday, Jan. 13th.
I'm so happy I found the camera with all these videos and pictures!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


This was when Ezra was only a couple weeks old (I was just able to retrieve some pictures and videos). Ivy LOVES her new cousin so much!!! She even says his name, "Oora!" So sweet (=


Brittany had to catch up on her blog a few weeks back so they came over and she worked on it ALL DAY just about...I so would too after not having computer acess for so long, and having not posted since before her baby was born (=
Ezra and Ivy are almost exactly a year apart but I know he is going to pass her up height wise very soon!!!

1st happy meal!

This was a few months ago but I wanted to post it for journal purposes. This was Ivy's FIRST happy meal!!!!
It was at Jack in the box next to the Town Square mall!!!!
She look extremely miserable...maybe because she couldn't reach her food, I promise she liked it though (=


Brennan got this scooter a few weeks back. It scares the crap out of me but its cute (= Ivy decided to give it a try...well Brennan decided for her. I'm not sure what that face means. And I was in the house when they did it. Did she like it? She looks a little confused (=

Happy Birthday DAD!!!/GRANDPA!!!

My dad's birthday was on the 19th...I don't know how old, I think 47 or 48. We didn't get very many pictures so this is the best I can do...Bethany picking her teeth, dad reading, Alan looking at who knows what and all I have to say about me is, "do do do do do" (SNL joke)

Bren and I got dad trail mixy stuff, guava soda & chocolate covered pomegranate pieces.
Ivy gave him a "I LOVE GRANDPA" bookmark and lots of pretty pictures she colored.


(picture taken at another nursery visit when Grandma was teaching)

Ivy is almost 15 months so she'll be going to nursery VERY soon...thats so weird to think! I used to bring Ivy in when my mom was a teacher there but Ivy was younger and I had to be right next to her 100% of the time. On Sunday I tool her in to see what she'd do. I thought she would want me to be near her but I swear she hardly even noticed I was there. Turns out she is NOT good at sharing yet....but all in all, she did well. At snack time she stood in line to wash (sanitize) her hands like all the other kids, and sat like a big girl (= shes deffinatley ready...I just don;t know if I can. I don't think I can sit though classes anymore I get so antsy....I have a few motnhs to work on it I guess (=

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Cafe Rio had their costumer appreciation day last week and they gave away free entrees and if you've been there you know how big their serving was great!!!

The lines was kind of long but they had so many people working that it went buy very fast!

I am not a huge fan of the food so I took mine home to my dad.

They also had a little self serve area with all kinds of things to try, I enjoyed the sweet shreaded pork.

Ivy got a kids quesadilla

Brennan works at Einstein Bagels and gets free bagels at the end of the day!!!!
Sometimes she brings home over 100 bagels!!! We have become pretty creative in how we use them (=

A couple months ago they had FREE grand slams at Denny's. The wait was well worth it, Ivy got her own too!!! (= And recently IHOP had free pancakes!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

west side stroy.....

On St. Patrick's day Brennan, Aaron & I decided we were going to audition for the musical West Side Story that night....kinda of last minute. :/ So Aaron & I went to see Mr. Isbell my former high school choir director, he let us borrow a couple Broadway music books. Then I had to hurry home because Ivy had an appointment to get her Easter pictures taken. When you see the pictures you'll probably be able to tell I was in a big hurry, her hair was so messy...oh well. Anyway so I went to pick up Brennan and take her to our friend Meagan's house to get music for her. Finally we got home & had very little time to make resumes, get headshots and learn our music....WHAT WHERE WE THINKING?

When we got to the audition we filled out some paper work and waited around a while...we started out with the dance portion of the audition. It was SO crowded they had tp break the group in half and teach one group at a time...which didnt help much because I was still running into the directors table the whole time lol. They tought us a dance from the orignal chorograhpy....which is FAST!!!! Then we auditioned in groups of 4...I can dance but I am a slow learner so it was messy...I did horrible at the dance haha.

Then came the vocal part, we had a while to practice outside after the dancing. I was singing I could have danced all night from My Fair Lady. When I went outside I heard this other girl singing MY SONG! Be-och! haha so I chaged my mind and sang a different part of the song Brennan was singing, On my own from Les Miserables.(we only had about 12 measures we had to song). So we went this point we hardly cared about how we were going to was almost 10:00pm and we got there at 6:45pm! blah! We had to sit and listen to everyone sing before us...we were numbers 80, 81 & 82(me). There were some REALLY good singers and some "American Idol" she bang type people :/ I didnt want to impress the dance guy, he was SOOO cute and I needed to make up for my horrible mess I did on the dance floor. Aron was 1st and he did well...but forgot the words haha, then Brennan, she did well....then me....I cracked in the first measure! EWW! and I barely got to sing before they cut me off (which they did to everyone...but I didnt even get into the good parts at all).......on the way home we decided to erase those last few hours from our minds and decided that next time we need to prepare a little more and not decide to auditon for something the same day of the audition....The End

-oh and in case you didnt figure it out...we didnt make it hahaha (=

family pictures

I'm kind of embarrassed to say that these are our first professional (wal-mart haha) pictures but with me still on the hunt for a job this is the best I can do for now. They did turn out pretty cute though. I only wish I would have taken time to get ready instead of taking forever getting Ivy ready...she always looks cute anyway (=

She is such a stinker. I LOVE her chesssy smile (=

Thursday, March 12, 2009

1st 5!!!

The first five leave a comment on this blog will receive something made by me. However there are some limitations:

1. I make no guarantee that you will like what I make :)
2. What I create will be just for you
3. It will be done within a year (might take a while)
4. You have no clue what it is going to be
5. I reserve the right to do something really fun.

There is a catch. If you choose to do this, you must post this on your blog and be ready to make something for five people too. This will be fun! When you receive the fabulous item I make you, you must post a picture of it on your blog.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


March 1o, 09

Yesterday was my friend Jennifer's birthday!!! I didn't get to talk to her because I was planning on going to hang out with my sister Brennan and I thought we would call her together and be silly, like always especially with Jen.
I guess I should have told Bren my plan because when I get there Bren told me she already talked to her on the phone...ugh! So I just texted her in case she was busy....just for the record I thought about you 1st JEN! haha. Anyway...

Things I like about Jen:

We have been close friends for a long time! Jennifer gets me, and sometimes that can be hard. I tell her basically everything, and I never get embarrassed around her. I hate living in a different state then her! I will always love you Jen!

You just wouldn't understand...
"...and when I say butter..."
"...yeah our parents sent us on a bus cos neither of them wanted to deal with us...." (=
"...oh mr. sun..."
..."I'll be your bridge over troubled water..."
"...and then there's me..."
"...oh, what movie was that from?....YOU!"
..."WHAT! I have never hairspray my face!..."

happy birthday jen!

so i never forget...

I always mean to write down all the cute things Ivy does and all her words and signs she knows.

mama, mom, umpa (grandpa), umma (grandma), Oora (Ezra), E-ya (see ya), bye bye, up, DAY-DO! (thank you), hi, dog, bom-ba (blanket).

more (signs and say "MO"), please...those are her main ones that she uses lately she knows a lot though.

Favorite toys:
grandma's church shoes, purses (she put one shoe on, holds a cell phone to her ear and a purse over her should and say "bye bye"). she still lone water bottles. combs.

she is SO picky lately, probably because people gives her bites of random foods so she wont eat her sweet potatoes or green beans after shes tastes something better tasting. a couple weeks ago i went to Chucky Cheese and got the salad bar so i could give her some healthy snacks....i walk aat for 10 seconds and come back to see my friends friend giving Ivy SODA! I was pissed to say the least but I kept my cool....this was her reply. "but it's diet." O MY GOSH, thats even worst with all the fack sweatners and stuff! And, yes I am very picky about what she eats, at least now thats she is so young and usually cant really tell the difference.

Ivy loves to copy everything I do, the other night after Brittany put sponge curlers in her hair (1st time!!!) Ivy went back and forth from Aaron to Alan combing their hair and talking a lot just like I do when i'm doing hair. (= She even put her hand on his head so he wouldn't move HAHA

Ivy LOVES chocolate....I have never given it to her but she got into her Hershey's kissing after Valentines day and since them shes been hooked! I still don't let her have it though.

She is so fun to watch, she surprsies me everyday with things she does and wors she'll try to reapeat. We were on our way to Wal-Mart with "Oora" and Aunt Brittany and Ivy was crying so I saod, "Ivy, don't you want to go shoppin at Wal-Mrat?" and she said, "Wa-Ma," which sounded just like Wal-Mart hahaha.

Monday, March 9, 2009

hoping for the best but expecting the worst....

I finally found my sisters camera!!! So I turned it on to see some older pictures, mostly for Ivy's birthday & birthday party. I wanted to get some prints......That camera holds a LOT of pictures and after a while of looking I realized that I had looked through all of them already, but I hadn't seen the pictures I was looking for. So they are GONE! I am guessing they were put onto our computer, which crashed! My friend Crystal tried to retrieve them but it didn't work (thanx 4 trying Crystal I love you). Today my friend Kyle is coming to see if there is anything he can do.....otherwise all I have is this one cell phone picture from my friend, which is better then nothing but )=

I hope they can be retreived somehow....if anyone knows any comptery stuff please help!

Monday, March 2, 2009

a look back...high school AHH!

9th grade

school: Sierra Vista
best buds: Crystal Sanders, Meagan Connor, Colorguard girls

crush: Brett Runion & Erik Fish (I think I have the names right)

clubs and activities: girls glee choir& colorguard

10th grade

school: Durango

best buds:
Jennifer Stewart, Brennan Waldron,
Tunner Williams, Brian Hale etc....

crush: Brian Hale...hahaha

clubs and activities: concert choir& colorguard

11th grade

school: Durango

best buddies: Jen, Bren, Jami B, Britni T,
Ericka Burt, Quinn Lindi, Christina Deppler...

clubs and activities: Colorguard captian,
Concert choir, Madrigals
crush: Brian Hale (part of the year)
and Cody Kettner lol

Sadie's, Jared Engleheart

12th grade

school: Durango

clubs and activities: Concert
choir, Madrigals (I was madrigal queen at the madrigal dinner that year with Cody Stover as king). I also got the solo part with Angeli for our end of the year song tradition.

dances: Homecoming, William Carlson. Sadies, Zack Hollis. Prom, Daniel Douglas (prom was on my
18th birthday
and thats when I got my 1st kiss, very fun day!!!)

best buddies: Christina Deppler,
Benjamin Webster, Crystal Straight,
Monica Warren, Bren& Jen of course,
Dan Douglas, Alex Bravo, Wes Bradley,
Jami B, Will....


My friends always joke about all the silly things I am afraid of. It really is nuts when I write it all out like this....

These are things that cross my mind multiple times a DAY!

1. thinking someone is under my car
2. windows at night ( you can see in but not out)
3. I'm constantly checking on Ivy while shes sleeping, checking her yummy and under her noise to she if shes breathing. Actually I check anyone around me at night when I cant sleep if I cant hear them breathing.
4. walking down the stairs, mostly at night...I always thin someone is going to be up there & they'll try to shoot me or something! :/
5. getting in and out of my car at heart goes nuts & I run!
6. when I dont have the TV on at night I get terrified!
7. being lined up next to a car at a stop light....I wont have Ivy's window lined up with another cars window...
8. scary commercials...I freak out!

Its late...I know there are more...these things really control my life! Its nuts!