Monday, April 27, 2009

hello! anybody listening?

i use blogging for my journal as most people do...but of course i love hearing (seeing) peoples comments and i swear everyone else blogs have tons and i have pretty retarded that i am actually typing this right now but oh well...DOES ANYONE READ MY BLOG?

I'm going there someday....

I got my temple recommend on Sunday! Now I just need to meet with the stake Pres. and I'm good to go (=
I was planning on the 15th of May but now I don't know, but I will be sure to keep y'all posted.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

"lil" cousin!


just outside Brit's house

After the 5k this morning we went to Brittany's to rest then we went back to TS mall...they had a free ice cream social thing....I really wasn't anything exciting. Here is Ivy with her first ice cream sandwich. hehe We saw a HUGE dog and had to take a picture....if you can't tell....this dog is taller than my stroller! DANG!


Brittany, Ezra, Ivy and I did our 1st 5k today!!!! It was pretty good. Its nothing huge, but its a first and definitely not last for us! We got to the Town Square mall a little after 8am, registered and looked around at the booths for a while. It was fun. Lots of cool things to see. Then we started....I was right behind my old Weight Watchers leader...luckily she didn't recognize me! haha. We kept a pretty fast pace, walked and jogged (mostly power walked). This is us at the finish!!!
Brittany won a free membership to this met up group....?.... (=

At the end of the race Wal-mart was trying to give away all the left over water, granola bars, and bananas....we aren't trying to be pigs but they said they needed it gone... (=


Just took these while I was waiting for the boys to get out of scouts...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Savior of the wolrd

My mom and I went the the Savior Of The World show last night. My friend Jessica played Mary in it and did an AMAZING job! I couldn't believe her husband when he told she was really sick, she just did such an awesome job!!! It was fun to go with my mom. David, Jessica, and me
Jessica's mom and grandparents...and my mommy (=
Jessica and I


On April 16th I hit the big 2-2!!!! Crazy! Brittany told me she felt so old at 22, she said it felt so much older then 21.....I didn't think that until she said it and then I was like WHOA!...22 does feel OLD!!! I'm an older unmarried maiden hahaha! (= JK I love where my life is right now!!!
she got a taste when I wasn't looking, hence the black frosting on her face (=
I had a horrible toothache ALL day. The girl I babysit was sick :/ I had to go to go watch the boring video to get my health card.... Not the best of days....but at the end of the day my family got me a really fun cake and HEATH ICE CREAM!!! I didn't have any that night because of my tooth but they saved some (=

go aaron!!!

April 16th (my birthday (:) my brother Aaron had an all day honor choir thing...I didn't know it was anything big....but I guess it was auditions for all state and HE WON!!! "Command performance," basically saying he is the best male singer in the sate of Nevada...WOW!!! Go Aaron! (= The girl I babysit was sick so I missed the performance :/ my mom videoed was So good! YAY CONGRATS ARRON....and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

pinewood derby round 2

yay uncles!!!

My brothers did a pinewood derby race right before we moved a few months ago and Wednesday was our new stakes race. They were lucky they got to do two races. They are always so fun!!!

getting ready
Yu-Gi-Oh...of course. (=

Alan's car won his heat...its the one in back, it bounced back (= he was very excited in case you can't tell by the picture above.

HaPpY EaStErS!

Easter is big for my family. After church we always go to my Grandpa's house. We have a nice meal and then the games begin.....We start with the egg hunt. The Easter bunny comes and hides the eggs and then we go out in order of age. Ivy and Ezra had fun by themselves for a few minutes. It was a great picture opportunity too. After that we count up our eggs and the winner gets a prize!!! Steph won this year (=

Then we do our coin toss. The last couple of years we have broken it up into two games. We have a chocolate coin toss and then a penny toss in the grass. Its tons of fun. Lastly, we all go find our baskets and once they have all been found we open them.

My parents got us a basket, and then later that day the Easter bunny brought one as well. We were pretty spoiled.

Here are the winners of all our Easter events!!!

I got Ivy a basket too. Inside of using a basket I used a toy stroller and filled it with fun things (=

We had an amazing Easter weekend. After 2 fun days at the fair and staying with my Grandpa we spent Easter Sunday in Mesquite with him. We don't get to go to his house very often so it was nice. It was great to have ALL of us there like old times!!!


Ivy has 12 teeth now! Holy cow! I didn't even notice she had more than her front 8 (4 on top & 4 on bottom) until I was changing her a couple weeks ago and she had for more =D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I didn't hate it (;
I don't kno the guy but he smelled nice and was pretty cute haha...
Mario!!! He started to go under but came out of it...LAME! We were almost in the show together.
Aaron showing off his muscles

My uncle Damon

Charlie doing ballet