Thursday, February 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

 I adore my sweet 5 year old but some days I just miss the good old days!
before talking back, before mature conversations...Ivy asked me yesterday how babies get out of their mommies, I changed the subject! FAST! haha and questions that are hard to answer about her "dad."
Sometimes I just want to go back in time!  
Does this mean i'm ready for baby #2?  (after a husband...haha)
noooooo haha!
It kills me to think I am going to go through all of this again if I have more kids one day!  Makes me emotionally tired!
Oh well....for now, I'm just going to get lost in my memories (= sry about the picture overload!

First trip to DISNEYLAND! minus when she was in my belly (=
 I think this was her first taste of ice cream! 

 she couldn't get enough!

 First pained toes!  April 2008!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valetines Day!!!!

So last night was the night David and I celebrated V-day becuase I was working all day on Thursday.  We had a LOT of fun!  We started the evening with little Ivy I wanted to take her on a triple date to Chuck E. Cheese but shes scared of Chuck E. so I gave her the option to get a happy meal and play in the play place.....she chose McDonalds (=
David took her in the play place but she would NOT go down the slide (= SCAREDY CAT!  We didn't stay too long but it was ok because she was going to play with her cousins so she was happy.


After our Ivy date we went to my home wards Valentines day dance...wasn't a huge turn out but it was fun.  Brittany and Ryan were there and my parents (who we sat by) I enjoyed myself.  We played a cool was a cross between cooties and bunko.....below is a picture of the THREE TIME WINNERS!!!  Thats right!  BOOM!   
We won 3 out of 8 games (=

After the dinner there was a church dance across town and our ward was putting it on.  It was fun!  It was in a huge wearhouse...I have been spoiled working in clubs with AWESOME DJ's so for me the music was a little drowsy but we still had a great time (=

David showed up with this to my job on Valetines day (= awwww what a sweetie!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Mini Valentine (:

This year I asked Ivy if she'd my Valentine, she told me no because I have a boyfriend! )= DISSSSSED!  Then I told her I can have 2!!!....AND....if she said yes I'd but her goodies (;  so she agreed.
Today is V-day!  And I'm working ALL day....of course Valentines day is a BIG wedding day in LV.  This morning I gave Ivy a little gift, just some mini princess coloring books with stickers and some little twist up crayons to keep her busy during church.  Tomorrow is when I am actually celebrating V-day.  I did buy myself some See's yesterday and stood in line for about 45mins (:  girl loves her See's!
I took a few pics before work with my boo (= 

Mon Bel Ami wedding chapel photoshoot

So I have worked at the chapel for almost a year! (in April) I LOOOOVE it!  We did a cool promo photo shoot late week and I did the hair and make up (=  Always fun!!!

We won the Best of Vegas award for best wedding chapel !!!

Ladies of Mon Bel Ami

On Las Vegas BLVD

Wedding Hostesses

I did notlove the way I looked that day....but oh well (=

Monday, February 4, 2013

Christmas catch up (=

its late i know, but i cannot skip my Christmas post! it is my FAV! holiday!

we always go to the live nativity!  I love it! and the holidays wouldn't be the same without that tradition! 
Ivy was being a butt and didn't want her picture taken!

 one with my beautiful grandma!!

My work had a couple parties...I already posted the one at frankies tiki are a few fun ones from my other work party (=

A little dancing!!!

 Catching up with old friends!!!

 LOTS of singing!!!

finally! day!!!

Brit and bren
 the baldys (=
 our family nativity pageant (=
 Me, Zach and Beth!
 little lucy with the star

 letter and goodies for Santa!!!
 traditional Hungarian nut cookies! YUM!
these few are not christmas day..



 Dream light from her friend Kylie!!! She was soooo excited about that!
 kind of like hot chocolate I guess, they used to have this when they lived in aussie
 HUGE box of chocolate!  Santa knows us too well!!!
 her bunny!!
 bethanys new accessories!
 i made that flower arrangement! (=
 Its a waldron thing...
 brennan and andy!

 bren and grandma!