Monday, July 28, 2014

Birthday fun!

Saturday was Brennan's birthday party!!!
We have all been super excited because it was Disney themed (=
I didn't go all out and David's costume didn't come together either lol but we had a great time!
My bro also got to come down last minute!  We literally found out as he was leaving Cali!!!!
We were super excited!!!
 A little Alice and Wonderland fun!!!
The Kids!!!
We have the bunny from Alice & Wonderland, Belle, Minnie, Olaf & Peter!!!
Cute cupcakes made by Britt!!!
 My dad was a tourist!!!
 With the birthday girl!
 ALL the kids!  YAAAAY!!!
 This was such a cute idea!!!


8 months old!

Wow!!!  Jet is 8 months old today!!! (7-27-2014!!!)

She is so so smart! Like talks all the time. So cute!!!

He says:

"Dada" (he knows when daddy comes home and gets sooooo excited!!!)
"Baba" (bottle)

He loves to:

-Wave hi (loves waving to himself in the mirror!!!)
-Sign "milk"
-Holding on to things and walking, he I starting to let go!
-Squats (up down game)
-Arms up & down game. He puts his arms up and I say, "uuuup!" Then quickly put them down and I say, "down!" And he giggles!!! Does this with his squats too!!!
-Now as of very recently throws fits and waves his arms like crazy! Haha
-Climbs! I swear last night he was going to climb out of his pack and play!

Tooth #8 is almost here! We can see it
Today has been great!  My brother Aaron came into town last minute!!!  We hadn't seen him since Christmas break!  So we spent the day at my parents hanging out and celebrating Aarons birthday which is tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Last week we left for a mini vacation to Texas!!!  My parents treated my sisters Brennan, Brittany & I to visit the place we ( Bren & I ) were born!!!  Brittany was 5 when we moved so she had some memories of Texas (=
Right after we got through security it turned midnight on Brennan's birthday!!!!  It was a late flight which was pretty nice....even though I didn't sleep at all!  :/ Luckily it went by very fast!  We got in just before 7am.  I was very sleepy and our hotel check in was at 3!  We had breakfast and went to the grocery store and called just in case they had a room ready early...they did!!!!!  We took a nap and then got ready for lunch.  We went to Texas Roadhouse it was aaaaaaamazing!  I had a hard time because I had some dental work done the day before but dang it was bomb!

 I don't know how this started but we used to do this and say, "penny penny penny...."
It prob creeped her out!
Bren's birthday!
 We were soooooo sleepy by the end of the day!
Day 2 we went to visit our old apartment (castle) which was Brennan's first home!!!  Our place before flooded forcing us to move!  We went on a walk as we used to do often across the street to a college.  There used to be kittens living near the library and we'd feed them all the time, Brit clearly remembers this and was excited to see this place.  When we got there.....we saw cats and kittens living there!!!  That was sooo cool! 
Below is a photo near the track we used to play on while my mom went on walks.

 Outside our old kitchen!  My mom used to tell us to stand in the corner lol....very funny mom!  Its a round kitchen!
 Where I was born!
 Princess by her castle!
 walking to the college
 Me & IVY!!!
 Brennan's birth place! haha
Day 2 we visited my Dad's college!!!
 Went to Mexican place we visited a lot....the original was closed years before but this was nearby! 
 The babies were pooped!

 Going up to my Dad's class room!!!  It was the only one open because they were cleaning!!!
 We also went to a place we would go to see alligator's!!!  And we saw one!
 Message chair at the school library!
 My dad worked at the bookstore for a while!!!
 Bren's birth announcement!!!
 We saw dead people!
 Uh OH!

Day 3 was fun!!!  Started the day by going to the Chiropractic convention and anniversary lunch in!  Seeing my dad with his old friends/classmates was def a huge highlight for me!!!  So cute!!!  Afterward we walked around some shops and later we met up with my Grandma's best friend Aunt Lou!!!  She and her husband Uncle Brian treated us to dinner at a great steakhouse near the beach!  As we were enjoying our dinner little jet made a big yucky mess!  Yes, he pooped on Grandpa!  And Aunt Brittany! NOOOO )= haha!  So the rest of his evening was spent in his swim shirts! HAHA!
After dinner we took a ride on a fairy....seemed like it would be lame but oh my gosh it was fun!!!  We brought bread for the seagulls and they chased the fairy for food! It was trippy! They would fly right over our heads!!!
Here is me in the car on the fairy!!!
 Cleaning up Jet after his poop attack!
 With my sissys and our seagulls friends in back!
 During the lunch in....we got a bit bored!  haha
 Quinny & Brit
 Fairy time!
 Lunch time!!!
 After the lunch in we took the balloons and brought happiness to the children of the world (hotel lobby).

 Saying hi to Ivy & Daddy!
 Parents with Aunt Lou & Uncle Brian riding the fairy!!!
Last day in Pasadena, TX! AKA Stinkadena or "the armpit of Texas!"  HAHA  Its the land of the oil refineries.  Yup, that's were i'm from lol!  We woke up and went to church and went to another place we used to see alligators!!!  It was the most humid day and I was over it after 5 seconds!  With stunk because it really was a neat place!!! 
 Jet saying hi to the turtles!!!
 Nooooo we don't wanna go!
 Back to reality...
 A new friend!!!