Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tis the season!!!!!!

its that time again!  time to meet with the big guy and discuss Christmas wishes!!!  We always LOVE Bass Pros' Santa!  We are pretty sure hes the real deal!

 He was sooooo excited but when it came having to sit on his lap! NOOO WAAAY! haha

 Got some one on one time!
Bass Pro is like Disneyland for men!  We could stay for hours! 

 He was saying,"broom broom!'


After Bass we went to the Ethel M. cactus garden to see the light.  It was VERY crowded, guess we shouldn't have gone Thanksgiving weekend but oh well (= it was fun!!!

                        We had a great day with family!!!!!!!!!!  I LOOOVE the Holidays!

1st grade photo!!!

a day at the park

one of my best friends was in town for Thanksgiving so we met up at the park the day before to hang out (= we had a really good time seeing her and some of her family!!!  This was our first time at this park, def NOT our last! 

 first time on a swing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!