Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Ivy's first sugar cookie!!! And below is a picture of Ivy sprinkling powdered sugar on the nut cookies (=

My grandmas always made Hungarian nut cookies for christmas, most people I talk to have not heard of them....they are amazing!!! just take my word for it! Above is the first nut cookie of the year!!! (= exciting huh?

Mail from Australia

Ivy got some mail from her grandparents and aunt and uncle in AU!!!! She was very excited to get her own mail (= 
She was more excited when she opened it and saw that in the envelope was a princess book!  She LOVES princesses!!!!!



Ivy and Vance and my aunt and uncles place

baby repelling!!!

Ivy and Sierra!!!


On November 13th, the day after Bethany's birthday and the day before Brit's, my family  left for AU.  

there was a lot of hugging going on, Ivy didnt understand what was going on

Brit brought pizza
hugs for Alan

Happy birthday Damon!!!

We miss you all so very much!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

november birthdays!!!

mom-nov. 8
brit-n0v. 14

they went to see the loin king!!!
team Jacob!!! After seeing the movie I've become a fan least of his rockin bod haha


Bed Head make up brushes and Bed Head make up!!! LOVE IT!

moms cake looked like it had a V in it!!! i took a picture of IV with it (=
YES!....this was actually at Will's homecoming dinner but i liked it and it was the same week as the others (=

Thursday, December 24, 2009


here is a little of what we have been up to.....(top pictures are 
most recent)

my good friend will got home from serving a mission in the west indies. these r pictures of bren and will in brens new convertible!!!!

our other good friend, charlie, moved away )=
here is a picture of ivy and her best friend nathan and ethan at the kids halloween party.

ivy won the costume contest at the baby bonanza!!!
this was her favorite thing (besides candy) about halloween, she would hold his hand while he'd sing and dance (=
brit made the to-to and i made the rest