Saturday, January 29, 2011

my passion!

i decided to go to cosmetology school because i looooved doing updos! and i always hoped i could work on the strip and get lots and lots of brides and stuff.
Well a couple weeks ago while at work (i work in a club) i decided that i needed to promote my hairstyling, so i asked almost every girl why they were in town...hoping to find some brides! it was locals night so i would ask he locals if they knew of anyone getting married, i was really trying to get myself out there, obviously! haha. i was getting tired of asking people and getting weird looks back so i stopped asking, but while talking to a local that is good friends with my co-worker i just decided to ask, "hey, do you by chance know anyone whos getting married? I do hair." she replied, "no, but my family owns a wedding chapel." WHAAAAAT!!!! so i pulled up my hair blog (still in the works..... and she loved my work!!! so we exchanged information and two days later her husband called me for an interview!.....I GOT IT! it will be extremely part-time right now but im super excited! they have a list of 5 girls that they call for hair and they said i will be there 2nd girl they call, the first girl owns a salon and is very busy so hopefully with v-day coming up we will get some weddings up in here! im still looking for a normal day job with normal people hours, this night thing is taking a huge tole on my body! but i feel sooooooOOOoooOOOooo blessed about this new opportunity!
here is their link...


in 5 pounds down and have a ways to go, i know i'll get there! Ive been there before!!!......before ivy of course!
this is the me in the near future (well the actual pic is from the past haha but im going back!)

i was 135ish in this picture, i carry weight pretty well so i always weigh more then i look. look out for this girl! cus shes coming back to stay!

Friday, January 14, 2011

up up and AWAY!!!!

A little fun with mommy!!!
Little kids are so easily entertained! And mommy got a nice little leg workout (0=
It's a win win situation!!!


Happy 4th of JULY!!!!.....
well I'm a little late posting but I just got the pictures.
Since I have been working nights I pretty much miss out on everything and it totally sucks! You'll notice that we are doing fireworks in the daylight/sunset light (=
So happy my mom was in town for this!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things!

I realise that I might get shot for saying this....BUT....I LOVE BEDHEAD MAKE UP.....EVEN MORE THAN MAC! There I said it! Its one of the best things that has ever happened to me!
My bomb-A straightener! Its by Joico, its the K-PAK reconstr vapr iron. You put this oil in the top part and the vapors come out and it actually reconstructs your hair! Its amazing! Dont look at my hair because Im cheap so I use the oil VERY sparingly!
Of course! The make up kit!

The kid! (=
Just some of my loves!


My best friend Jen is so awesome! The other day she told me she was bragging about me to somebody, she couldnt remember who she was talking to but she said they were talking about single parenting. She said she was telling them about me and how Im a great mom and how smart Ivy is. That made me feel SOOO GOOD! It made me think a little. I can be VERY hard on myself, I am sure most mothers are like that. I like lots of moms try to be perfect, I wish I was thinner, I wish I could say that I have never given my kid fast food and I make home cooked meals everyday, I wish my hair make up and nail polish was always done...but we arent perfect, we arent supposed to be perfect.

I do work very hard! I am a working mom, I work 7 nights a week. I am also a stay at home mom, Im home with Ivy all day (= Its really great that I can do both! I wont lie, it is exhausting! I dont sleep enough! When I pick Ivy up in the early morning she wakes right up and is ready for breakfast and I am ready for bed.

Jen made me feel so good! Yes, Ivy is smart, I did baby signs with her starting at 6 months old, I work with her a lot and Im always teaching her things. I feel like I am a great mom!!! (= Ivy doesnt want for anything, she isnt missing anything. She is happy and healthy.

Being an LDS single mom is far from easy, I get weird looks all the time! Especially at the sngles ward. Sometimes I think people feel uncomfortable because I am so confidant about being a sinlge mom, I just laugh at them. Like everyone, I have made mistakes, and like most I have learned and I am a stronger person because of them. I refuse to wallow in the past.

I have another friend Anita, who is my moms age she goes to my ward and has been for years, shes practically a member she just needs to quit smoking to get baptized. The other day she told me that part of the RSGC (Relief Society Gossip Circle).....yes I just made that up!.....gossip was going around that I had not been going to church and that I was sleeping at my boyfriends (dont have one) house. Before the lady who was spreading the gossip could even finish Anita cut her off and firmly told her that yes you dont see Ashley at church because she was called as the sunbeam teacher. And she told the ladies that if they want something to gossip about that go find someone else to talk about, "because Ashley has got her head on her shoulders!" BAM! THANK YOU ANITA!!!!

Another friend, Oscar (who actually used to be good friends with my sprem donor but now is my friend because donor is a jerk!) told me once that anyone would be so lucky to have Ivy and I, that really hit me because I have heard a lot of people say that it would take a really good guy to "take on" a girl with a child, I had never heard someone say that he'd be "lucky." Felt good!!!

Im not trying to brag, and definitely not promoting single parenting, I do not plan on staying single forever, I know what I want. When I get married it will be in the temple, one day I will be sealed to my Ivy!!!! (= I am just saying that I am over everyones dummy remarks and stupid looks, I am confidant and I am proud of myself! And that I have wonderful friends!

new do!

A couple months ago I decided to finally chop Ivy's hair! It was getting to stringy and it would tangle easily. I'm sooooo happy I cut it! Here is a before picture.
Here is the back when I finished!!!
I curled it a little


This is the ideal cut for Ivy! Its SOOOOO easy, after her bath I run a comb through it and it drys just like it is in this picture! Very very easy! YAY! I love a-lines!

Monday, January 10, 2011 catching up

i dont have a computer or a working as well as i want camera so i have been slacking on the blog updates...sry

just days before thanksgiving i heard a knock at my door. I was in my tank top and pj bottoms so i wanted just wait for whoever it was to go away, but ivy had another idea. she ran to the front window yelling with excitment. i heard someone outside say, "oh good your here, i'll go get it...." so opened the door and saw brother fiscus who is one of the counslers of my ward, he had a basket of goodies, following behind him was my bishop with a shopping bag. My ward was more than generous, they brought me everything you would need to make a thankgiving dinner! including a card with a marie calenders gift card inside!


Ok so I work in a club so you can only imagine all the crap I deal with. Drunk people are NUTSO! The other day (well actually a couple months ago) a woman walked into the bathroom and shouted, "I'm a lesbian!" Then she ran into the bathroom to do her business. When she came out she started pointing at other girls and saying, "hot, hot, hot," as if she were playing duck duck goose. I, jokingly asked, "Hey! What about me!" And she ran over and bit and sucked my neck! I mean she jumped on me! YIKES!!! As hard as I tried I could not get her to stop! FINALLY after she stopped and left the bathroom I didnt know whether to laugh, cry, or go get tested for rabies! haha well here is the damage, it definitely doesnt do it justice! I hurt like heck!

winter fun

A couple of weeks ago after Fhe my friends and I decided it would be fun to drive up to Mtn. Charleston. We definitely picked the wrong day to go...there was no pretty snow )= just ICE! but we didnt let that stop us from having a good time. We still went sledding, I'll admit that I only went once because it was too icey and I scrapped both ancles on the first try but I still had lots of fun sliddng down on my butt.

Above is my friend Amber...She was the first to slip on the ice. Most deffinalety NOT the last.
Me and Briana

Butt sliders!

watching the stars

All of us girls