Saturday, December 27, 2008

I love this Christmasy time or year

I was so happy it snowed this year in Vegas!!! Its very rare here and I needed it to help me feel that Christmas spirit. The last few years I havent felt it very much so this I was determind to.

I shopped during the crazy hours when the lines were out of control....which made me happy, odd I know. I did lots of baking...just anything I could think of. And it worked, its 2 days after Christmas and its still goin strong!!! (=

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ivy say, "hi"

DEC. 8, 08

Ivy has started to say a few words in this videos she says Aaron. Since then She has said Grandpa and Grandma...she has her own pronunciation


Brittany celebrated Thanksgiving with her in-laws this year, but the day before Brennan, Ivy and I went over to Brittany's and she taught us how to make her rolls and mini pies!!!

Ivy got a new toy. don't know what these things are called but you can put almost any food in them and the baby can chew on it and get all the juices without choking...Its amazing!!! Ivy had apple (=

Aunt Brittany made this cute headband for Ivy!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

11 months old...WoW

Thank you Kenna Copper for this cute Christmas dress!!!!
( I made the headband )

I can't believe Ivy is almost a year old already!!! I hasn't gone by really fast for me, I can't imagine life without her, but it still seems weird that she'll be a year. Ivy has accomplished a lot since my 9 month update post. She is WALKING!!!! She doesn't crawl hardly at all now. She looks so funny walking because she is so tiny, she only weighs 15 pounds and has since she was 5 months old. She just slimmed down when she started crawling. I think she is starting to get taller though.

Ivy has learned a lot of new signs, her 1st word was "more" I started teaching her that at 6 months and she started doing it herself at 7 months. She knows "more" ( and she says "MA") "eat," "drink," "milk," "tired," "bye bye," (and she says it). She just started doing "please" 2 days ago. Now we are working on "diaper" and "hurt." I recommend baby signing to everyone!!! It really helps us communicate and she crys hay less. She gets so excited when she signs a word and I say it back to her, I can tell shes thinking YES mom that is what I want, her face lights up and she smiles (= its the cutest thing ever!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Party girl

Sunday Ivy & I went to my friend Britni's little boy Nathan's 1st birthday party. This was the first time I've seen little Nathan he is such a cutie pie!!! We had a lot of fun at the party. Ivy rarely sees babies her age.

Heres Britni feeding Ivy hot dog buns, Ivy is signing "more"

Ivy thought she needed to help Nathan open his gifts haha

My friend Maryah gave this horse to Ivy, she loves it!!! RIDE UM COWGIRL!!! Thanks Ry

Ivy loves playing with my jewelry. The other night she put this on and I just wanted to put a picture the time I got the camera she was ready for bed but I had to get one picture 1st!!! (=

This year for Thanksgiving we went up to Mesquite and stayed the night at my Granddad's house. It was so fun and really nice to get away. Heres Ivy in her New PJ's (= They were a little big.
this is one of my Granddad's paintings, he is an amazing artist!!!

I prefer the canned stuff!!!

yes, shes walking!!!! (= not happy in this picture though

don't know what I was making but I was in deep concentration...

mini pies Brittany makes, she taught Brennan and I to make them.

Pooped!!! (=

another painting. entitled, "Happy Thanksgiving." (sarcastic)

leaving Granddad's place, it was fun

As we were driving back from Mesquite we noticed some fog near the strip it looked really cool with all the light. The fog was near our house too, it was really neat looking while we were driving, you could barley see in front of you. when we got home we went out for a can tell we are from Vegas hahaha...

it got old fast for Ivy

Leftovers already????? YUM


For family night we made turkeys!!!! I used to make these as a kid around Thanksgiving so it brought back some fun memories.

Brennan made a peacock!!!!!!!!

My turkey is at the bottom!!!

BIRTHDAYS part 3!!!!

Brittany's birthday is on November 14th!!! We went to the town square mall to see the parade and all the fun Christmas decorations....unfortunately the 215 was backed up so far that by the time we got there we had missed the parade and we had to park across he street at fry's. But we had fun, after the mall we went to Brittany's house to have cake ( homemade snickers cake ) and give her presents!!!