Sunday, March 21, 2010

Who needs sleep?

These past couple of months have been insainley busy, (hence the lack of blog postage) I have been work pretty much nonstop. Here is what my week looks like.

Monday-day job from 9am-2ish pm
....night job from 6pm-2am(now its tuesday)...nap in my car and back to my night job at straight to my day job at 9am-2pm....then back to my night job at 6pm-2am.(now its wed)day job 9am-2pm...night job 6pm-2am. (now its thursday) day job from 9am-2pm....only on call thurs night.
friday- day job 9am-2pm...on call for 6pm-2am(saturday) shift....and back to work at my "night job" at 5:30am until day job on sat....on call for my night job from 6pm-2am and back to work from 5:30am-10:30am like on friday.....sunday i get off at 10:30am and have the rest of the day off...

confusing???? I KNOW! i never know what day it is...its all just a big blurr to me.