Friday, September 25, 2009

Look-alike Meter

I WIN!!!! haha

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Last Friday we found out the the school district was going to cut the choir program from Durango High. Everyone was crushed, choir has made us all into who we are today, it gave us motivation to go to school and do well. The students sent a letter to the Governor and...IT WORKED! The choir was saved! YAY!!!!
We were on news 5, 8, 13 and a Spanish channel.

here is a link, watch the video (= Ivy is holding a sign that says, "don't rob me of music" CUTE!

on this link u can see my bro Andrew and I holding signs. Brennan's boyfriend was interviewed as well and its showed on this video (=
Ivy's new favorite thing is animal sounds, she has been repeating them back at me for a long now. I always ask her, "what does the ____ say." Now she asks me haha its cute (= here is a qiuck video, she didnt want to do it at first, its pretty quick (=

Thanks Crystal for the video!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

my dog needs a new home )=

this is my doggie, Jax, he is such a sweet dog. My mom is moving soon and I will need to as well so I am trying to find him a good home now. I dont know where I'll be living in a couple months so even though I would like to keep him its prob not practical. He is about 4 years old, hes a little fuller now then in this picture. My mom got him for me on my 18th birthday. (= I want him to go to someone I know if possible.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2nd job!!!

I'm sooooo excited!...............I'm getting another job!
I have been looking for a night job for some time now. What I am making right now is just not enough to support Ivy and I.
It looks like I will be working from 9pm to 3am with my new job and 9am until 3pm at As You Wish catering (= I'm sooo sooo sooooo blessed that this new job just presented itself out of the blue! Its been so hard trying to figure out bills and trying to move out on my own with only a part-time job and no kind of child support. I get to keep my catering job which I LOVE! Plus I get food everyday!!! (= YAY!!! I'm very excited right now!!!!! Can ya tell (=

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I feel like its super late....its only 11pm!
I just found this, didn'ts even look it over so lets see if its fun or not....

umm since I have been a mom so 20 months
her birthday is Jan. 2!!! Coming up! oh wow! this will be her golden birthday! I just realized that! hmmm party planning in my head!!!
one sweet sassy little girl
...Ivy, I thought we just went over this...
she is 1
she in nursery!!!
not yet (=
YES! she knows her animal sounds, she can spin VERY well, she can do some sign language, and she plays the harp!!! (ok that last one isnt true but I want her to play one day!!!)
playing, shopping, I love taking her out to eat but that rarely happens...any time with her is a good time.
goose, Lucy, Loo Loo, lady GA GA, 2-loose, googly bear(that's an older one) Loo Lee, and monkey is the newest one.
ummm haha I dont remember my feelings exactly....scared/happy/shocked
wal mart temper tantrums!
she was born at home....thats a lame on for this topic but I cant think of anything.
mom, mommy, ma ma, ashley haha (=
UGH! working on that...
I give her one when she needs it (=
I work part-time and I miss her tons but I do spend lots of time with her!!!
every mom that is resposnibly raising kids should be called that!
part timer
my phone!
me, uncles and aunts, grandparents!!!
singing, playing, dancing
not there yet...
haha 9-12month...some 18month
she is snoozin (= looks so cute with her squishy face and sponge curlers!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

my baby is not a baby anymore )=

20 MONTHS!!!!

It seems like Ivy has always been around but at the same time like time is flying by.

She is sooooo polite! Before we eat she always says, "blessing" and she folds her arms for the prayer. (=

When someone sneezes she either says thank you or bless you, or both haha.

Every time someone gets hurt she comes up with her arms open for a hug and says sorry.

Everyday after work when I knock on the door I love to hear her call for me. She gets so excited! I hate leaving for work :/ I call her at lease once everyday while I'm at work.

Her new thing is animal sounds, so far she know what the dog, cat, cow, horse, fish and bear say (=

She has not had any problems in nursery, in fact I spend half the class time in the hall looking through the peek hole. haha she does great!

I am definitely so proud of her and all her accomplishments (=

dance dance!

Please ignore the mess and boxes...we are getting ready to move (=