Monday, October 13, 2014

Ren Fair + FIRE eating!

My sister is a great belly dancer AND fire eater!  We got to go the Ren Fair on Saturday, so fun! 

 Her purplely hair looks awesome with her costume!!

 Jet was distracted...
 Found some wings for Ivy!
 I took this from Brittany since I ran out of space on my phone!
 Fire fans

 Great times!!

Some cuteness!

We played in the gravel while waiting for Ivy to get out of school the other day.  Jet had so much fun!  He is becoming a time walking boy!  Its soooo cute!!!
Big boy!!!

 There she is!!!!

Here is a random cute thing Ivy said 2 years ago!  haha!  she cracks me up!

Jets's 10 months old!!!! + PUMPKINS PUMPKINS PUMPKINS!

We went to the Gilcrease Orchard for their first day of PUMPKINS!  Ivy took off with her cousins and I didn't get ANY photos of her. )= Her are a few of Mr. Jet!!!!  His first time! 
Jet just really wanted to eat them!  HAHA! 

 Here is a good one!!!
 A little treat (=

 A few days later on the 1st we went with Our great friend Amber M. to a farmers market and I got some pictures WITH Ivy!!! 
 Oh, I forgot to mention that the day before Jet turned 10 months he took 11 STEPS!  Now hes walking A LOT!!!  10 months is also the age Ivy walked!!!

I let Jet get in the sand while Ivy was playing and he LOOOVED it!  He kept grabbing handfuls and slowly letting grains of sand run threw his fingers. 

 Sharing with Amber!!!
 He tried a little....not what he expected! Blek!