Tuesday, July 21, 2009

family pictures

Ivy Girl! (= she posed herself haha
I posed myself too!!!
mom and dad (= SOOO cute. moms hair by ME!
Ivy and I (=
the kids
The whole gang (=

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My hair grew 12 inches in 10 mins!

I tried Brennan's clip in extensions yesterday to see how they looked, the color actually almost matched! My hair is at such an awkward length right now so I'm thinking of getting some extensions. Bren does custom clip-in extensions which is prefect for me right now! I need something easy. Brennan is very good at cutting and blending them so if anyone is interested I'll give you some more information!!! Note: these ones are not customized to me thats why they dont look that great, we just clipped them in for fun (=


Brennan's birthday present!!!
Gettin ready for the party
Brittany made Brennan cute cupcakes!
Water balloon fun!
Uncle James swinging Ivy around!
Blowing Bubbles 101
Ezra! He was feeling sick )=
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! Funfettie and coffee cake!
Singin in the park (=
I love you Bren! Your the best!

West Side Story

My dad is leaving in a week for Australia so each for the kids on a little date for some one on one time with dad. My grandma had a couple extra tickets to Spring Mtn. Ranch on Thursday. It was a pretty good play, not amazing but good. I actually had auditioned for the play a few months back. (=
Ivy had a LOT of junk food to keep her quite (= she would lick my fruit bar and then turn around and have some of my dads....it was funny.
It was fun to go with my grandma!!! Shes such a sweet lady (=

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Some people have asked...YES! My family is moving to Australia. My dad is leaving next week and my mom, Bethany, Alan & Andrew will leave either August or Sept. My dad was got a chiropractic job up there. This will be a HUGE change for us! We have such a close family, we do everything together! It will be hard, but it will also be an exciting adventure! i cant wait to go visit! (= This is why I am sooo desperate to find a job! So Ivy and I are not homeless!!! haha!....its not that funny...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

day at the museum

We went to the Lied Discovery museum today!!! It was Ivy's first time and I had heard that it had been re-done and had lots of improvements. My brothers have been participating in a reading challenge at the library and they get prizes for the amount of books they read, they picked museum passes as their prizes and they gave me one to use for Ivy. We had lots of fun!!!

Here is Ivy in front on the "Gross"ology room! It was VERY interesting! We learns all about snot & farts! SWEET! haha
In the "little Leaner" activity room
Ivy watching the boys in the hurricane machine!
Fun room!!!
Trying to play like the big kids.
Shopping with grandma!!! (my mom's favorite part of the museum!)
Blue Man/Girl Group
This was Ivy's favorite part!!!! Driving the plane!
giving mommy her own personal plane ride!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

home alone

My family went up to Provo last week which left Ivy and I here all by ourselves. I know I'm going to have a hard time when they leave for Australia! We did have a pretty good week though. My grandma used to help us make hand shaped sugar cookies every Christmas and we would have so much fun decorating them.....I found out after we made ours that we didnt have any decorating stuff, well at least not that I could find, so ours werent that great (=

We were a little scraggly that day (=

We went to my friend Anita's house as much as we could so we wouldnt get too bored. Anita's birthday was on Thursday so we surprised her with balloons! (=
Ivy rockin her sweet shades

Angelique and I

Ivy and Nita


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

When I'm rich........

I will buy my own house.

I will give to everyone and anyone I can.

I will get meals at restaurants...not just order off the kids menu and share with Ivy.

I will get Ivy everything she needs and wants!

I will get pedicures.

I will buy a radio for my car...no!...screw that car, I'm getting a new one!

I will volunteer!

The End

Monday, July 6, 2009


I didnt wear make up so black and white was the best choice for this picture, it always seems to help (=
Ivy and the fireworks
Jon and Ezra!!!
Sierra helping Ivy with her 1st sparkler (=

Ivy and Ezra

Thursday, July 2, 2009

18 months!

Ivy is 18 months today!!!!!

Thats weird!

Shes old enough for NURSERY which means I will get to sit through church again! I hope I'm ready for that, I'll probably be pretty antsy because I'm not used to it anymore, but it will be nice.


Ivy's new favorite words are "walk!" and "boys." She yells then all the time! haha


I have been dreading this day from a long time!

yesterday I went up to Ivy and told her I needed to change her diaper and she said, "NOOO!" Maybe thats not such a big to some but to me its a sign that those terrible twos are right around the corner! Oh boy!!!