Sunday, July 19, 2009

My hair grew 12 inches in 10 mins!

I tried Brennan's clip in extensions yesterday to see how they looked, the color actually almost matched! My hair is at such an awkward length right now so I'm thinking of getting some extensions. Bren does custom clip-in extensions which is prefect for me right now! I need something easy. Brennan is very good at cutting and blending them so if anyone is interested I'll give you some more information!!! Note: these ones are not customized to me thats why they dont look that great, we just clipped them in for fun (=


annieandjustin said...

i think they look great especially for not being customized to you. i love it. long hair is so sexy. someday i want to try extensions.

Ashley and Ivy said...

You totally should! Clip ins are way easy and cost so much less!!! For me its sooooo worth it!