Monday, August 12, 2013

David's FIRST Father's Day!!!

This was David's first Daddy's day!!!  He's already a PRO!!!  (= 
 I wanted to get him some super cheesey dad merch (=
WE LOVE YOU DAVID!!!  I got him a card from me, one from Ivy and one from Baby Marsh (=

July 4th!

I worked the night of the 4th so we did festive things in the earlier part of the day and then my family and a friend came to our house to swim and eat.  Ivy loooves running 5k's she has done a lot!  There was one in the early morning and we went and dropped Ivy off to my fam....then we decided to stay and be cheer they had breakfast after the run (;
After that we decided to go to the Gilcrease Orchard!  I wanted peaches!  I didn't get far before I was tired again!  BOO! 
We had a good day!  I was sad I had to leave by 3 )=
The whole night I kept hearing fireworks and running outside to see them but nothing!  haha Some dunky random ones here and there... I saw lots on the way home at like 11pm haha Just random ones people where doing from there yards....not too cool haha

 I missed some adventure, apparently some palms trees at our condo complex caught fire YIKES! 


On June 5th we went to find out the gender of Baby Marsh!!!  I was 16 or 17 weeks.  I had a gut feeling it was a girl, you know Mommy's always really know what it is!  I'm very in touch with my body HAHAHA.  NOT!  MOMMY WAS WRONG!  Its a BOOOOOY!  (=
The second Whitnie (a friend who owns My Baby Bump Imaging) said she knew what it was she just wanted to find a btter angle I knew it was a BOY!!! (= hehe 
 She gave us this suuuuuper cute candy bar! 
 Our family will be even now!  2 boys, 2 girls!!! (=
I had to get over the shock of me being wrong!  HAHA!  But I was very very excited!  The second we left I wanted to go shopping!  I didn't buy TOO much (;


David LOOOVES dogs!  I do too, within reason! I told him the only way is if he got me in a rare mood where i'd get one on a whim.  Well, it didn't take me long after we were married to get into a awww  I want a doggie mood.  Haha!  I basically convinced HIM to get one!  I wanted to go to the no kill animal shelter.  He found someone selling puppies on Craigslist.  David wanted a puppy, I prob would have preferred an older dog...less chewing and potty training but I get why he wanted a puppy.  They are super cute, fun and trainable!!!  I picked the one out that I wanted.  David wanted one of the others, a cute lighter colored one but I thought she was too puppy-like.  She kept chewing on the sandal!  She was cute though!!!  There mommy was full Dingo!  And the daddy was the neighbors dog German shepherd/Rottweiler/ mix who had jumped over the HUGE brick wall to make puppies with the Dingo mommy!  HAHA!

Right after we picked him out we went to Petsmart!!!  They had a cool coupon deal and we bought where we spent $20 and got "free" food, a bath and blow dry and some great discounts on other things.  We brought the doggie to get a bath and they asked his name,  we were thinking about the name Bear because he looked like a little bear cub!!!  She put him in as Bear and said we can go change it later, they just him in the system.

We did some shopping while we were waiting for him and after about a half hour out of nowhere I said, "DAVID!  Does Bear have the pee thing on his belly?....AHH!  Bear is a GIRL!"
HAHA!  We felt like IDIOTS!  We have both had dogs! We know how to tell the difference!  What the heck!  I think we just heard his previous owner say him so we just went with it hahaha!!  I got VERY excited!  And was thinking yay now I can get the pink collar! 

We went to pick up "bear" and the girl who worked there was like, umm you might want to change Bear's name.....Immediately I  was like I know!  We are retards!  We know she is a girls!!! hahaha!
They brought her out with little bows in her hair!! haha it was SO cute!  She was SUPER FLUFFY after her bath!!! (=   And very soft! 

 We took her home and later Brit dropped Ivy off and we surprised Ivy!!!  She was soooo excited!!!!

We changed her name to Daisy!!!!

Now, since then....I have gone back and forth about our decision to get this NOT a fan of the chewing lol and she is so rough with Ivy.....and vice Here is a pic of Davids ear.  She didn't even bite her tooth more like sliced his ear open!  Ahh!  I am trying to be her friend, ;ast week I painted her nails pink!!!  I keep her bathed so she isn't too doggie smelling and maybe I'll actually pet her.  And last night we decided to let her sleep in the living room without the child gate (that's she can now jump over).  We even put her bed in our room and she did GREAT!!!  Just had problems this morning wanting to chew everything!  But I think we are becoming better friends now! (=

Johnson family reunion (=

David and I had hoped to go to his Mom's side family reunion.  We weren't sure if we'd be able to take the time off because it hadn't been very long since our wedding/honeymoon so we thought we might be pushin it.  David started a new job so we decided we wouldn't make it. Darn!  It was supposed to be a camping trip but I guess the area had a fire so they did it near by in New Mexico where a couple of his Mom's siblings live.  A day or 2 into the reunion David called on the way home from work and said, "GUESS WHAT!?!  I'm off tomorrow!  Lets drive to New Mexico!"  I think he was shocked at my response, "ok!"  I think he paused for a sec like....really?  I said I would start packing and we would leave right when he got home!  We arranged for my sis Brennan to watch our puppy and we went to pick up my check at work and them we were off!  In David's super old car with NO A/C!  haha  Go us for being spontaneous!!!
 It took us about 12 hours to get to Albuquerque but it wasn't too bad a t all!  Potty breaks were frequent but easy because it wasn't a busy highway and it was dark so we'd just pull to the the side of the road lol (=  I think David was shocked at the fact that I was so ok with peeing on the side of the road haha but I just thought of it like hey, no having to exit the highway, no digging around looking for your shoes, no dirty gas station potty's!  Its a win win! (=
We ended up being able to stay for 2 or 3 days!!!  And his family was AWESOME and pitched in for gas because had just gotten a new job.  SoOoOo sweet!  We had tons of fun meeting everyone!!!  We spent time playing games, swimming, relaxing and getting to know each other.  Ivy had an AWESOME time! On our last night she actually cried because she didn't want to leave!  She thought she'd never get to see her new cousins again.  lol  We where staying at David's Aunt's house but everyone spent the days at his Uncles house.  It was getting very late and in the last night David brought us to his Aunt's house for bad and he was headed back to his Uncles house to play board games.   Ivy was so SO so upset that we decided to let Ivy go back with David so she could camp out on the living room floor with the kids. 
The next morning before we left we got everyone together for a big family picture.  Everyone knows how fun that can be haha (=  They turned out nice and a sweet man at the park was willing to take the shot for us! (=

One of Ivy's new fav cousins, Cameron!!!
I'm not sure what was happening here... I think he tried to hold my belly and I pushed his hand away like nooo! Not a nasty maternity shot!   They weird me out!  haha
David's mom and her kids
- Philip
+ 2 kid-in-laws
kisses for IVY!!!
Cute cute!
 a shot of EVERYONE!!!

 ignore the multi-chin shot!
David looks so cute in this one!!!

The little Marsh family (=

Honeymoon NC (=

After our reception in David's home town we brought Ivy to my parents hotel and the next morning we head out to our honeymoon.  It was up in Boon, NC about three hours from David's dads home in Waxhaw.  We didn't get very far before we ran into our first...adventure...haha.  The windshield wipers stopped working randomly on the highway!  We had to drive a few miles in the POURING rain!  David had his head out the window lol (= We found an auto zone.  And David called his dad who walked him step by step through the repair.  The auto zone lady was sooooo helpful!  Let us borrow tools and told David to move the car out of the rain and under the covered area by the front of the store.  This took a looong time but David was a GREAT sport!  He even smiled for a picture for me (= 
We finally got to Boon, it was a long and difficult drive up to the mountains where we where staying.  It was still pouring!  We decided to call the Bed & Breakfast and about what the rooms had as far and storing & heating food because we would possibly be stuck and unable to drive back into town to buy food later do to the weather.  hey only had a refrigerator so we got milk and stalked up on cold cereal at Walgreens. 
The Bed & Breakfast was soooo cute!  Its called Taylor House Inn and its over 100 years old!  Its run by a really sweet French couple who have been working there about 5 years.  They had LOTS of yummy herbal tea which I took advantage of because it was COLD!  I loooved how cozy it was there even though it was chilly. 
The breakfast was very fancy, almost awkward lol It was yummy though.  Some of the things I just could not stomach, I had some serious morning sickness!  Blek! 
We decided to go see some sites the next morning.  We went out to the car and realized....we locked the keys in the car!  Oh my goodness!  It took David a while and while he was working on getting into the car I was in and out trying to find something to use to prop the door.  I also got sick a few times and ran to our room at least twice!  David's pretty handy!  He got in!!! 
Actually this is funny because the first time we hung out one on one was when he added to to Facebook and about 2 weeks later I posted that I had locked my keys in my car and needed a handy person to help!  Later I found out he doubted his break in skills but wanted to hang out with me hahaha.  We started dating shortly after. 
 There were some caverns somewhat near by, I think at least 45mins.
We pulled in only to find out that they were closed!  Prob due to flooding! 
I took a picture of a mini "tree star" I found!!!
There where a couple of other people there and we all walked across the highway to see a tiny but neat looking little water fall (=  It's better than nothing!  HAHA

Here is a picture of us outside of the Bed and Breakfast (= 

A picture of the main house

Our keys

We went into Boon a a couple of times, they had some yummy places to eat and some cute shops.  This fancy hat is from a REALLY old old store.  We where trying to find something fun to take home to Ivy.  Sadly we did not buy the hat.  We later found a cute stuffed dear toy that I thought would be fun because when we where driving in NC with Ivy we saw a deer.  We did get some old fashion candy and ginger ale from this store.  The lady asked which ginger ale we got...?...She said medium is good but she prefers the spicy...?...I didn't know they could be spicy!  When we tried it it was actually spicy!  Weird!  I like the burning in my throat because I was nauseous.  Neither of us finished ours lol.  Very bizarre!  

I prefer the cold weather over the heat any day but the rain was annoying after a while.  It made it difficult to go out a lot because most of the cool things to do were outside nature related.  We actually ended up buying a portable DVD player and a few movies who does that on their honeymoon!?!?....Don't judge!  HAHA
We has a great time!!!  So nice to get away!!!