Monday, August 12, 2013


David LOOOVES dogs!  I do too, within reason! I told him the only way is if he got me in a rare mood where i'd get one on a whim.  Well, it didn't take me long after we were married to get into a awww  I want a doggie mood.  Haha!  I basically convinced HIM to get one!  I wanted to go to the no kill animal shelter.  He found someone selling puppies on Craigslist.  David wanted a puppy, I prob would have preferred an older dog...less chewing and potty training but I get why he wanted a puppy.  They are super cute, fun and trainable!!!  I picked the one out that I wanted.  David wanted one of the others, a cute lighter colored one but I thought she was too puppy-like.  She kept chewing on the sandal!  She was cute though!!!  There mommy was full Dingo!  And the daddy was the neighbors dog German shepherd/Rottweiler/ mix who had jumped over the HUGE brick wall to make puppies with the Dingo mommy!  HAHA!

Right after we picked him out we went to Petsmart!!!  They had a cool coupon deal and we bought where we spent $20 and got "free" food, a bath and blow dry and some great discounts on other things.  We brought the doggie to get a bath and they asked his name,  we were thinking about the name Bear because he looked like a little bear cub!!!  She put him in as Bear and said we can go change it later, they just him in the system.

We did some shopping while we were waiting for him and after about a half hour out of nowhere I said, "DAVID!  Does Bear have the pee thing on his belly?....AHH!  Bear is a GIRL!"
HAHA!  We felt like IDIOTS!  We have both had dogs! We know how to tell the difference!  What the heck!  I think we just heard his previous owner say him so we just went with it hahaha!!  I got VERY excited!  And was thinking yay now I can get the pink collar! 

We went to pick up "bear" and the girl who worked there was like, umm you might want to change Bear's name.....Immediately I  was like I know!  We are retards!  We know she is a girls!!! hahaha!
They brought her out with little bows in her hair!! haha it was SO cute!  She was SUPER FLUFFY after her bath!!! (=   And very soft! 

 We took her home and later Brit dropped Ivy off and we surprised Ivy!!!  She was soooo excited!!!!

We changed her name to Daisy!!!!

Now, since then....I have gone back and forth about our decision to get this NOT a fan of the chewing lol and she is so rough with Ivy.....and vice Here is a pic of Davids ear.  She didn't even bite her tooth more like sliced his ear open!  Ahh!  I am trying to be her friend, ;ast week I painted her nails pink!!!  I keep her bathed so she isn't too doggie smelling and maybe I'll actually pet her.  And last night we decided to let her sleep in the living room without the child gate (that's she can now jump over).  We even put her bed in our room and she did GREAT!!!  Just had problems this morning wanting to chew everything!  But I think we are becoming better friends now! (=

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