Monday, August 12, 2013


On June 5th we went to find out the gender of Baby Marsh!!!  I was 16 or 17 weeks.  I had a gut feeling it was a girl, you know Mommy's always really know what it is!  I'm very in touch with my body HAHAHA.  NOT!  MOMMY WAS WRONG!  Its a BOOOOOY!  (=
The second Whitnie (a friend who owns My Baby Bump Imaging) said she knew what it was she just wanted to find a btter angle I knew it was a BOY!!! (= hehe 
 She gave us this suuuuuper cute candy bar! 
 Our family will be even now!  2 boys, 2 girls!!! (=
I had to get over the shock of me being wrong!  HAHA!  But I was very very excited!  The second we left I wanted to go shopping!  I didn't buy TOO much (;

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