Monday, August 12, 2013

Johnson family reunion (=

David and I had hoped to go to his Mom's side family reunion.  We weren't sure if we'd be able to take the time off because it hadn't been very long since our wedding/honeymoon so we thought we might be pushin it.  David started a new job so we decided we wouldn't make it. Darn!  It was supposed to be a camping trip but I guess the area had a fire so they did it near by in New Mexico where a couple of his Mom's siblings live.  A day or 2 into the reunion David called on the way home from work and said, "GUESS WHAT!?!  I'm off tomorrow!  Lets drive to New Mexico!"  I think he was shocked at my response, "ok!"  I think he paused for a sec like....really?  I said I would start packing and we would leave right when he got home!  We arranged for my sis Brennan to watch our puppy and we went to pick up my check at work and them we were off!  In David's super old car with NO A/C!  haha  Go us for being spontaneous!!!
 It took us about 12 hours to get to Albuquerque but it wasn't too bad a t all!  Potty breaks were frequent but easy because it wasn't a busy highway and it was dark so we'd just pull to the the side of the road lol (=  I think David was shocked at the fact that I was so ok with peeing on the side of the road haha but I just thought of it like hey, no having to exit the highway, no digging around looking for your shoes, no dirty gas station potty's!  Its a win win! (=
We ended up being able to stay for 2 or 3 days!!!  And his family was AWESOME and pitched in for gas because had just gotten a new job.  SoOoOo sweet!  We had tons of fun meeting everyone!!!  We spent time playing games, swimming, relaxing and getting to know each other.  Ivy had an AWESOME time! On our last night she actually cried because she didn't want to leave!  She thought she'd never get to see her new cousins again.  lol  We where staying at David's Aunt's house but everyone spent the days at his Uncles house.  It was getting very late and in the last night David brought us to his Aunt's house for bad and he was headed back to his Uncles house to play board games.   Ivy was so SO so upset that we decided to let Ivy go back with David so she could camp out on the living room floor with the kids. 
The next morning before we left we got everyone together for a big family picture.  Everyone knows how fun that can be haha (=  They turned out nice and a sweet man at the park was willing to take the shot for us! (=

One of Ivy's new fav cousins, Cameron!!!
I'm not sure what was happening here... I think he tried to hold my belly and I pushed his hand away like nooo! Not a nasty maternity shot!   They weird me out!  haha
David's mom and her kids
- Philip
+ 2 kid-in-laws
kisses for IVY!!!
Cute cute!
 a shot of EVERYONE!!!

 ignore the multi-chin shot!
David looks so cute in this one!!!

The little Marsh family (=

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