Wednesday, March 26, 2014

waiting for baby...

 date with daddy!
Since Ivy came on her own 2 weeks early I expected baby boy to come early so the end of my pregnancy was.....well theres not another word to describe, it was MISERABLE!  I was ready as early as Halloween!  I made little plans because I was tired and upset as my due date came and went.  We decided to distract ourselves after THREE false alarms!  With Ivy I had none! We went to one movie, it was waay too uncomfortable!  LOTS of dinner dates!  LOTS!  I didnt fit into any booths!  Oh except Chilies (=
 I did get to do my Aunt's hair for her wedding!!!  I was excited because i didn't know if I'd have a newborn and not be able to do it!

nov 19

temple square!!!

David had never been to Temple Square so when we got a chance to go up to SLC for work he took the opportunity and I went along with him!  It just so happened to be conference weekend too!!! (=  It was a mini get away before baby Marsh would arrive.
 I was looking VERY preggo and puffy but I wanted a picture.  Proof that I did my makeup (=