Thursday, December 12, 2013


 Some pictures of our October fun!!!  We did lots of fun things!!!  Bass Pro, McKee Ranch, family party, Trunk or Treat (-= 

Hailey and Ivy at trunk or treat (=

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkin patch!!!

We went to the opening day of the Gilcrease pumpkin patch!!!  The kids had lots of fun!!!  There was a LOT of walking but it wasn't too bad!  Here are a few fun pictures (-:
 We had to keep bribing the kids with doughnuts so they'd smile (:
by the way if you go to Gilcrease BUY SOME doughnuts!!!  OH MY GOOOOSH!  They are apple cider flavored!  YUM!
 Ivy found her pumpkin!!!
 Ivy and mommy!!!
 ALL the kids smiling!  I thought is was impossible!
 group shot
 cheese balls!
 hunting for the good pumpkins!
 cousinly love!
 our "bump" shot

caught her throwing straw!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

First day of KINDERGARDEN!

No but really where has the time gone?
  She is having a wonderful time and I am SO happy for her!  The first day was crazy!  We had some serious flooding in our area which blocked off lots of streets around my house.  So trying to find a way to get there was tricky is itself!  Then our van decided to crap out on us and we made arrangemnts to borrow my moms van and that morning my dads car wouldn't start. YIKES!  So he had to take my moms van.  Luckily Brit was able to come get us!!!  YAY!  While we were outside waiting to get picked up my phone camera (which I had used the night before) wouldn't work!  )= 
When Brit showed up I told her and she had forgotten her phone at home haha!
So after we picked Ivy up I went to the least rainy area and snapped a couple photos (=
And here they are!

 She is so grown up!

Washimgton Utah fair

Ivy and I went to work with David a couple of weekends ago.  He drives to Cedar City everyday and does deliveries in towns along the way.  He noticed a fair near St. George one day on his route so we decided it would be fun to go with him to work (Saturdays are his "short" days) and after his deliveries stop by and check out the fair. 
It turned out to be very fun!  And it didn't cost anything to get in!!!  $3 for parking, so that's not bad at all.  They had lots of fun things to do for kids!  Ivy had a BLAST!
Ivy mostly enjoyed the rides of course (=
 So cute! 
 I just adore her bright SMILE!

 Never mind my leopard print bra... :/

 She loved the slide with Daddy!! She is such a GIRL!  She screamed on the last bump haha!
 Sometimes she thinks shes a Tom boy though (;
 David did really well on this speed shooting thing! 
 4-H had pony rides, SO FUN!
 They also had a little petting zoo
 mini horse!
 When we were in Cedar before heading to the fair.  Nice weather!  Sooooo relaxing!

Monday, August 12, 2013

David's FIRST Father's Day!!!

This was David's first Daddy's day!!!  He's already a PRO!!!  (= 
 I wanted to get him some super cheesey dad merch (=
WE LOVE YOU DAVID!!!  I got him a card from me, one from Ivy and one from Baby Marsh (=