Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wedding photos (=

Here are some photos taken just after our wedding ceremony and before our reception (=

Marsh wedding!!! 4-30-13

Some Groom shots (= 

I made ALL of the boutiques!
 My girls!!!
My mom had a life size cut out of Aaron made!  It turned out great!  Almost as fun as the real deal (=

One of my favorites!!!

My awesome bridal party!!!

Our BEAUTIFUL flower girl!
My dad and I!!!  He looked so handsome! 


Ring exchange

The Marsh Family!!!! Est. 2013!


 We had my good friend Dave do our engagements in the garden of the Chapel I work at.  I am very pleased  with how they turned out, you'd never know we were in downtown Las Vegas (;
except of course for the photos where we are literally walking on Las Vegas Blvd!!!
Thanks sooooooo much Dave!

 We had a photo bomber! 
 handsome handsome guy!!!

 Love it....minus the fact that it looks like a maternity shot haha

Las Vegas Blvd (=

My Bachelorette Party!

The ladies from work threw me a Bachelorette party!  We had lots of fun in downtown Vegas (=

Us at the El Cortez with the most interesting man (=

Loralee and I (=

SPLITS! someones hand got in the way...(=

In the Limo!!!

Time for a little teeter break (;