Monday, July 13, 2009

home alone

My family went up to Provo last week which left Ivy and I here all by ourselves. I know I'm going to have a hard time when they leave for Australia! We did have a pretty good week though. My grandma used to help us make hand shaped sugar cookies every Christmas and we would have so much fun decorating them.....I found out after we made ours that we didnt have any decorating stuff, well at least not that I could find, so ours werent that great (=

We were a little scraggly that day (=

We went to my friend Anita's house as much as we could so we wouldnt get too bored. Anita's birthday was on Thursday so we surprised her with balloons! (=
Ivy rockin her sweet shades

Angelique and I

Ivy and Nita



Amy said...

It will be hard when everyone moves to Australia. You will definitely have to get inventive to find social things to do :)

annieandjustin said...

your family is moving to australia? why? that is crazy! you two are so cute. you look beautiful in that picture with angelique. and ivy's swimsuit is soooo cute. i can't believe brian hale is home?!

The DeLoe Family said...

Australia?! That's so far away! Well, if you need someone to hang out with, Julia & I are always available. And, I may be partial and all, but I must say that we do have the CUTEST daughters EVER! Ivy is such a doll! :)