Sunday, July 19, 2009

West Side Story

My dad is leaving in a week for Australia so each for the kids on a little date for some one on one time with dad. My grandma had a couple extra tickets to Spring Mtn. Ranch on Thursday. It was a pretty good play, not amazing but good. I actually had auditioned for the play a few months back. (=
Ivy had a LOT of junk food to keep her quite (= she would lick my fruit bar and then turn around and have some of my was funny.
It was fun to go with my grandma!!! Shes such a sweet lady (=


annieandjustin said...

I bet it would have been better if you were in it. That is so cute of your dad to take you each on a date. I told Justin he is going to take our girls on their first dates.

Ashley and Ivy said...

My dad took us on our first dates! I'm definitely going to continue that tradition!