Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2nd job!!!

I'm sooooo excited!...............I'm getting another job!
I have been looking for a night job for some time now. What I am making right now is just not enough to support Ivy and I.
It looks like I will be working from 9pm to 3am with my new job and 9am until 3pm at As You Wish catering (= I'm sooo sooo sooooo blessed that this new job just presented itself out of the blue! Its been so hard trying to figure out bills and trying to move out on my own with only a part-time job and no kind of child support. I get to keep my catering job which I LOVE! Plus I get food everyday!!! (= YAY!!! I'm very excited right now!!!!! Can ya tell (=


Amy said...

Congratulations on the job! What do you do with Ivy when you are to work?

Ashley and Ivy said...

Right now my mom is amazing and watching Ivy for me but she will be leaving soon so I am trying to figure out other arrangement's...let me know if you can think of biggest issue is money :/ and working my night job i will get off at 3am and need to pick ivy up so that wont be fun.


Jennifer said...

What is your new job? I think you should find someone to just sleep at your house or something so you don't have to move Ivy, if possible!

Ashley and Ivy said...

I'm a greeter at Prive night club in Planet Hollywood, and I get to clean up barf! HURRAY! hahaha oh well I take what I can get (=