Wednesday, September 2, 2009

my baby is not a baby anymore )=

20 MONTHS!!!!

It seems like Ivy has always been around but at the same time like time is flying by.

She is sooooo polite! Before we eat she always says, "blessing" and she folds her arms for the prayer. (=

When someone sneezes she either says thank you or bless you, or both haha.

Every time someone gets hurt she comes up with her arms open for a hug and says sorry.

Everyday after work when I knock on the door I love to hear her call for me. She gets so excited! I hate leaving for work :/ I call her at lease once everyday while I'm at work.

Her new thing is animal sounds, so far she know what the dog, cat, cow, horse, fish and bear say (=

She has not had any problems in nursery, in fact I spend half the class time in the hall looking through the peek hole. haha she does great!

I am definitely so proud of her and all her accomplishments (=

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Brittany & Ryan Petersen said...

She is such a big girl and a sweetheart!!!