Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This year for Thanksgiving we went up to Mesquite and stayed the night at my Granddad's house. It was so fun and really nice to get away. Heres Ivy in her New PJ's (= They were a little big.
this is one of my Granddad's paintings, he is an amazing artist!!!

I prefer the canned stuff!!!

yes, shes walking!!!! (= not happy in this picture though

don't know what I was making but I was in deep concentration...

mini pies Brittany makes, she taught Brennan and I to make them.

Pooped!!! (=

another painting. entitled, "Happy Thanksgiving." (sarcastic)

leaving Granddad's place, it was fun

As we were driving back from Mesquite we noticed some fog near the strip it looked really cool with all the light. The fog was near our house too, it was really neat looking while we were driving, you could barley see in front of you. when we got home we went out for a can tell we are from Vegas hahaha...

it got old fast for Ivy

Leftovers already????? YUM

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