Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ivy's 1st Halloween!!!

Last year I found a really cute horse costume at JcPenny's for only $6!!! It was size 6 months and I knew Ivy would be 9 month by Halloween but it was such a good deal I figured it will work for someone someday.
A month or so before Halloween I tried these cat ears on Ivy at Michael's and I had to get them (if you can't tell, sometimes I can be a little bit of an im
pulse shopper).
It turned out that Ivy was still in size 3-6 month clothes by Halloween so the horse costume fit perfectly!!! So I had her wear the cat ears to my brothers party I didn't get it finished but it was still cute. (=
We also got to got Trunk or Treating at my cousins
ward...I couldn't find either of her costumes so we compromise....PIRATES!!! not bad for the 10 minutes I had to find and put it together.

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