Thursday, December 4, 2008

11 months old...WoW

Thank you Kenna Copper for this cute Christmas dress!!!!
( I made the headband )

I can't believe Ivy is almost a year old already!!! I hasn't gone by really fast for me, I can't imagine life without her, but it still seems weird that she'll be a year. Ivy has accomplished a lot since my 9 month update post. She is WALKING!!!! She doesn't crawl hardly at all now. She looks so funny walking because she is so tiny, she only weighs 15 pounds and has since she was 5 months old. She just slimmed down when she started crawling. I think she is starting to get taller though.

Ivy has learned a lot of new signs, her 1st word was "more" I started teaching her that at 6 months and she started doing it herself at 7 months. She knows "more" ( and she says "MA") "eat," "drink," "milk," "tired," "bye bye," (and she says it). She just started doing "please" 2 days ago. Now we are working on "diaper" and "hurt." I recommend baby signing to everyone!!! It really helps us communicate and she crys hay less. She gets so excited when she signs a word and I say it back to her, I can tell shes thinking YES mom that is what I want, her face lights up and she smiles (= its the cutest thing ever!!!

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