Saturday, January 29, 2011

my passion!

i decided to go to cosmetology school because i looooved doing updos! and i always hoped i could work on the strip and get lots and lots of brides and stuff.
Well a couple weeks ago while at work (i work in a club) i decided that i needed to promote my hairstyling, so i asked almost every girl why they were in town...hoping to find some brides! it was locals night so i would ask he locals if they knew of anyone getting married, i was really trying to get myself out there, obviously! haha. i was getting tired of asking people and getting weird looks back so i stopped asking, but while talking to a local that is good friends with my co-worker i just decided to ask, "hey, do you by chance know anyone whos getting married? I do hair." she replied, "no, but my family owns a wedding chapel." WHAAAAAT!!!! so i pulled up my hair blog (still in the works..... and she loved my work!!! so we exchanged information and two days later her husband called me for an interview!.....I GOT IT! it will be extremely part-time right now but im super excited! they have a list of 5 girls that they call for hair and they said i will be there 2nd girl they call, the first girl owns a salon and is very busy so hopefully with v-day coming up we will get some weddings up in here! im still looking for a normal day job with normal people hours, this night thing is taking a huge tole on my body! but i feel sooooooOOOoooOOOooo blessed about this new opportunity!
here is their link...

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Amy said...

Congratulations! You will be awesome :)