Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My best friend Jen is so awesome! The other day she told me she was bragging about me to somebody, she couldnt remember who she was talking to but she said they were talking about single parenting. She said she was telling them about me and how Im a great mom and how smart Ivy is. That made me feel SOOO GOOD! It made me think a little. I can be VERY hard on myself, I am sure most mothers are like that. I like lots of moms try to be perfect, I wish I was thinner, I wish I could say that I have never given my kid fast food and I make home cooked meals everyday, I wish my hair make up and nail polish was always done...but we arent perfect, we arent supposed to be perfect.

I do work very hard! I am a working mom, I work 7 nights a week. I am also a stay at home mom, Im home with Ivy all day (= Its really great that I can do both! I wont lie, it is exhausting! I dont sleep enough! When I pick Ivy up in the early morning she wakes right up and is ready for breakfast and I am ready for bed.

Jen made me feel so good! Yes, Ivy is smart, I did baby signs with her starting at 6 months old, I work with her a lot and Im always teaching her things. I feel like I am a great mom!!! (= Ivy doesnt want for anything, she isnt missing anything. She is happy and healthy.

Being an LDS single mom is far from easy, I get weird looks all the time! Especially at the sngles ward. Sometimes I think people feel uncomfortable because I am so confidant about being a sinlge mom, I just laugh at them. Like everyone, I have made mistakes, and like most I have learned and I am a stronger person because of them. I refuse to wallow in the past.

I have another friend Anita, who is my moms age she goes to my ward and has been for years, shes practically a member she just needs to quit smoking to get baptized. The other day she told me that part of the RSGC (Relief Society Gossip Circle).....yes I just made that up!.....gossip was going around that I had not been going to church and that I was sleeping at my boyfriends (dont have one) house. Before the lady who was spreading the gossip could even finish Anita cut her off and firmly told her that yes you dont see Ashley at church because she was called as the sunbeam teacher. And she told the ladies that if they want something to gossip about that go find someone else to talk about, "because Ashley has got her head on her shoulders!" BAM! THANK YOU ANITA!!!!

Another friend, Oscar (who actually used to be good friends with my sprem donor but now is my friend because donor is a jerk!) told me once that anyone would be so lucky to have Ivy and I, that really hit me because I have heard a lot of people say that it would take a really good guy to "take on" a girl with a child, I had never heard someone say that he'd be "lucky." Felt good!!!

Im not trying to brag, and definitely not promoting single parenting, I do not plan on staying single forever, I know what I want. When I get married it will be in the temple, one day I will be sealed to my Ivy!!!! (= I am just saying that I am over everyones dummy remarks and stupid looks, I am confidant and I am proud of myself! And that I have wonderful friends!


The Funny Farm: Waldron Family said...

Yes, you are an amazing person and a great mother...yea...our family has been very open and at first finding out you had a "bun in the oven" was hard: I did not know how to react as I did not want to interfere with your decisions. I wondered what people would think... I felt maybe I did something wrong as a parent. Almost everyone was and is supportive. A handful that were not...who needs them!?!You are an amazing person and a great mom! any guy would be lucky to have you and Ivy! I love you!!!


Andi Mac said...

Im very proud of you too! =) I know that anyone would be lucky to have you, and add that little sunshine Ivy to the mix and youve got a perfect life right there! I know you work hard, and you are exhausted, but I truly love you, and admire you, for sticking up for yourself in times of gossip and hatred. =) Love you Ashley, and Ivy too =)

Ashley and Ivy said...

Thanks Andrea!!! I love you girl! tht makes me feel so good! your such great person and a great friend!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE U ASHLEY!!! Everything I said is true and so much more! I hope I can be the mom you are. I am so sorry we didn't get to see each other more when I came down. I hope I get to see you again soon.

The DeLoe Family said...

Ashley, good for you for being so confident! As you have found, people often like to focus on what is going on in other's lives rather than their own...which is why they are crummy people. They haven't spent enough time on themselves. Ivy is adorable and you are working your tail off to be the best you can be for her. If anyone else says otherwise you need to tell them to "talk to the hand" :).