Sunday, January 10, 2010

happy birthday IVY!

Ivy and I were both a little sick on her birthday but that didnt stop us from having a good time!
we were playing ski ball and a lady said to her granddaughter, "watch out, make sure u dont hit that little boy." IVY DOESNT LOOK LIKE A BOY! SHE GOT PIGGY TALES AND A FLOWER IN HER HAIR FOR GOODNESS SAKE! I wanted to say something but i didnt, i just gave her the evil eye...when she wasnt looking (=
very focused!
Brennan won!
Cupcakes!!!! Darn things costed 12 dollars! And Ivy blew them out by sneezing on them half way through the happy birthday song!
the whole gang -James who took the picture.
VERY happy on her special day
future cheerleader???
James and Aaron trying to be creepy....
the sign had her birthday on it so i took a picture!!!
pooped!! After a day of fun we realized that Bren had the only key to the what do u do when theres nothing to do?.....WAL MART! We stayed for over two hours, and Ivy slept the whole time!
Pictures fro her birthday party (sat.

happy new year!

i took a picture of a picture my grandma had from careens wedding. i just liked it (-=

my little cheese ball

Christmas time

the birthday boy!!!!!!
wearing mommys new earings
Christmas Eve
"Mary" would not put the baby in the manger

peek-a-boo! Ivy is ready to open her Christmas Eve gift