Friday, September 30, 2011

The Aussie's are back!!!!


YAY! My family is back (as of the end of Aug) and we are very happy!!! We missed them sOoOoOo much! Two years is just TOO long! They had many amazing experiences, I've snagged just a few pictures to show some of the things they got to do and see....Enjoy!

above is a picture of Ivy and Ezra in the winter of 2009. Their grandparents sent them there aussie shirts (=
so cute! I want to hold one! They were lucky enough to live close to the Steve Irwin zoo and they had season passes so they visited many times (=

My brothers in their school uniforms....silly hats!

Alright this one makes me jealous...I LOOOOVE dolphins! I'd love to get this close to one!

Most of my family participated in big plays. This picture is of my dad in the Ester And The King, He had a starring role!! Go DAD!

My dad made lots of friends (=

Brittany, Ryan and Ezra got to go down for a visit! They had lots of fun! Went to the zoo, beach (which was just across the street from the parents cono..LUCKYS!) they went to the rain forest too, how cool is that?! There is much diversity in the entertainment there. They all got to go to this cool ranch type thing and make didgeridoos! That's defiantly something i'd enjoy!

I'm so glad they had fun and got to experience the many awesome things about Australia, but i'm sure glad they're back!

The girliest girls on the block!!!

Ivy is such a girly girl!!! She LOVES make up, purses, nail polish (even though she always picks it off and it bugs me ugh!) and dresses! Here are a couple of pictures of Ivy's beautiful make up art...........

The master and her pallet
when I took this photo she said, "I'm going to the singles ward to get married!!!"

oh my!....she knows the rules.....not before mommy!

oh how fancy are we (;

Oh shes good.....and she knows it!

Happy (late) birthday SIS (=


I love you sissy (=

(July 17)