Sunday, March 10, 2013


 Last night at work my friend said my car was vandalized and that he tried to stop the suspect but he drove off too fast.  He was laughing so I figrured it was some kind of joke.  I walked out to my car and found this...
He is TOO sweet!  I am so lucky to have him in my life!!!

The other side said "I ROCK!" 
....I figured out who it was....David Marsh!!! (;

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Waldron's

 Soooooo.......we tried to do family photos before my bro Aaron shipped out to boot camp....key word TRIED! 
The hardest part was trying to find a time when everyone was off of work and between Aaron's crazy workout schedule.  We finally found a small time slot between church and when I had to be at work....and when I say small I mean a 15 min block of time!  

We had a heck of a time planning this and we took a TON of photos!  It was VERY sunny out and when we went to look at the pictures we didn't have a single photo where everyone looked pleasant! HAHA

Again it was sooo sunny and we were facing the sun dead on!  


My lovely parents!!!

The girls (=


 I LOOOOOVE shooting weddings!!!  I just wanted to quickly share a few photos from weddings at the chapel I work at!!!  I DEF have an awesome mentor Dave!  He does all my fam photos and hes amazing!

I actually did this bride's hair and makeup as well (=

I made this sign (=

I made her bouquet!!! (red one)