Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkin patch!!!

We went to the opening day of the Gilcrease pumpkin patch!!!  The kids had lots of fun!!!  There was a LOT of walking but it wasn't too bad!  Here are a few fun pictures (-:
 We had to keep bribing the kids with doughnuts so they'd smile (:
by the way if you go to Gilcrease BUY SOME doughnuts!!!  OH MY GOOOOSH!  They are apple cider flavored!  YUM!
 Ivy found her pumpkin!!!
 Ivy and mommy!!!
 ALL the kids smiling!  I thought is was impossible!
 group shot
 cheese balls!
 hunting for the good pumpkins!
 cousinly love!
 our "bump" shot

caught her throwing straw!