Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fam dance practice/Dad's Birthday/Jets 1st haircut!

We are doing family dance classes with Dom, my sisters boyfriend who is a great dancer!!  Its SO fun!  On this particular Sunday we also celebrated my Dads birthday!!!  My parents were headed out of town for their Honeymoon!  That's right, Honeymoon after 30 years!!! SOOO awesome!
here are bren and dom showing us how its done (=
 chris & wendy! 
 now switch partners!

dom & dad? haha

mom & dad....that's better!
beth & alan (alan is in ballroom at school and really enjoys it!!!)
daddy & jet
St. Patrick's Day!
JET'S 1st HAIRCUT!!!!  Doesn't he look dapper!?!?!
 before and during... (=

 To say my Dad is awesome would be a HUGE understatement!  My Dad is so great!  Hes the smartest man ive ever met!  He is funny, selfless, kind just AMAZING!  Happy birthday to my DAD!!! I LOVE YOU!


We took a fun trip to Brianhead in Feb!!!  We had fun!!!  Got a cute cabin ( THANKS MOM AND DAD!!!) 
Went tubing (I didn't lol)

Took naps! lol

Played with sleds!!!

 snuggled with Grandma!

 Ivy in line for the tubes!

 my snuggle bugs!
 take a gander at these babies!

On the way home we stopped at the St. George temple then hit the Golden Corral then a park to relax. 

 I adore this photo!

 Looking at Jesus

Ivy's 6th birthday!

With a new baby and little apartment I decided to take the easy way this year.  I let Ivy invite 3 girls and took them to the movies.  Last minute David had a meeting!  )= but it turned out great!  Ivy had a BLAST!  We saw Frozen!!!  I made little goody bags for the girls (=

 They loooved passing Jet around for pics!
 They are DIVAS!

 Aunt Kylara was in town!!
 birthday babe!
 haha jets face in this pic!
 This was a week before on her actual birthday!!!  Ninja Turtles cupcakes!!!