Friday, June 26, 2009

Ivy's first visit to DISNEYLAND!!!!!

Nobody believed he was actually playing!

chocolate cake face!


she was a little scared in the rides

worn out!
sass! just like her mama

playing at Goofy's place
I LOVE this picture!!! look at that cute smile (=

hmmm who is this crazy guy dressed in this bunny suit? I don't think I like this

still doesnt know what to think of Pooh and Rabbit
she has no idea whats in store!!!


Aaron and Chels Allred said...

CUTE!! this is one of the things i'm most excited to have kids for! I haven't been to disney land in...8 years! wow!!!

annieandjustin said...

how fun! i love disneyland. i love that picture of her on the flower. she is sooo cute!

Ashley and Ivy said...

thanx girlies!!! and WHAT 8 YEARS!!! thats insane....i got a pass this year!!!