Sunday, August 16, 2009

bye bye bunny ) =

Over a month ago my sister and I found a bunny that had been a we saved it!!! (= there was another one (that we know of) who had been hit by a car. It was very obvious that they were pets and they didnt know how to live in the "wild." I named her bugs (bunny) my younger siblings all had a different name for her. A couple weeks ago we decided that with everyone moving we could no longer keep her )= so we found a nice family for her! The day that she had to go was very hard on the kids, especially Alan! My mom took everyone to the Springs Preserve but Alan decided to stay home and play with the bunny before she had to go.
He was such a strong boy that day! He came with me to meet the lady who would take the bunny.
We waited for over an hour for the lady to show and finally she called...turns out she had been waiting in the wrong parking lot the whole time! So she drove over and took her, I wish she would have been nicer and more considerate about Alan's feelings but she just grabbed here, said thank you and left! Didn't offer to let him hold her and say goodbye! B WORD! O well I'm sure they are great, they were just anxious.
We miss you little bunny!!! (=

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Brittany & Ryan Petersen said...

Sad:( I'm glad you found a good home!