Thursday, August 20, 2009

visiting the 801

Brennan, Ivy, Anita (our friend) and I went up to Utah for our best friends wedding, we had a great time. We drove up Thursday, Friday we got to do a lot of site seeing. Anita had never been past Ceder city so we took her to temple square. We had sooo much fun! Ivy loved the Christus...well we all did but Ivy was amazed by it! At home and at church I always ask her where Jesus is and she will walk over and point to his picture, its so cool! So I'm sure seeing this 11 foot statue of Christ was soooo awesome to her! She wouldnt leave the statue, I'd walk over to get her and she'd walk right back, so after a few attempts I let her be. It seemed that everyone there enjoyed seeing her pointing at it and saying, "Jesus, Jesus!"

After we left Salt Lake we went to the Mayan for dinner. I had been there before and I wanted Anita to see it. They have cool clif divers and its a fun atmosphere...Ivy was a little scared though. After dinner we took some fun pictures and then it started POURING!!!!!! Like CRAZY!
Later Friday night we went to Provo to see our friend Dave!!! It had been over two years so it was great to see him!!! We watched StarTrek at the dollar theater.

Ivy was AMAZING the whole trip, she was silent in the car! I'm so lucky to have such a great traveler! Brennan kept her entertained with her MANY bracelets and exciting jewelery!!!

Of course the highlight of the trip was seeing Jen! She looked amazing! We went to the temple and it was pouring rain again! But it cleared up just in time for her pictures!!! It was still cold (55 degrees!) though. Bren and I got to spend some time with Jen before the reception because we fixed her hair, that was so fun! We can't wait to do it all over again this weekend at her Vegas open house!!!! (=

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


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Jennifer is married!!!!! Bren and I went up to Draper UT. for the weekend to see Jen (=
She looked amazing!

I am so happy for her and James!!! I have only met James a few times but its easy to see that they are perfect toge
ther, he is the sweetest guy!

I wish I could have said something like this at the toast.....I made a fool of myself! I'm TERRIBLE at speaking in front of
a crowd!

I hope the best for Jen and James on there new adventure as husband and wife!

Jen-see how much better I am at typing then speaking hahaha

bridal shower pictures to come!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

bye bye bunny ) =

Over a month ago my sister and I found a bunny that had been a we saved it!!! (= there was another one (that we know of) who had been hit by a car. It was very obvious that they were pets and they didnt know how to live in the "wild." I named her bugs (bunny) my younger siblings all had a different name for her. A couple weeks ago we decided that with everyone moving we could no longer keep her )= so we found a nice family for her! The day that she had to go was very hard on the kids, especially Alan! My mom took everyone to the Springs Preserve but Alan decided to stay home and play with the bunny before she had to go.
He was such a strong boy that day! He came with me to meet the lady who would take the bunny.
We waited for over an hour for the lady to show and finally she called...turns out she had been waiting in the wrong parking lot the whole time! So she drove over and took her, I wish she would have been nicer and more considerate about Alan's feelings but she just grabbed here, said thank you and left! Didn't offer to let him hold her and say goodbye! B WORD! O well I'm sure they are great, they were just anxious.
We miss you little bunny!!! (=

happy (late) birthday AARON!

Cards from Andrew (=
High school musical singing card!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ivy is 19 months today! Its so crazy how much she has changed! Her vocabulary has literally doubled within the last minth! She is putting more words together and other people can actually understand her (=

Shes likes to ask where her uncle Andrew is, but she calls him something else, Its a weird noise that I can't even attempt to spell out haha. She also asks where Daniel (my friend) is, she'll sit there and for five minutes straight she'll go, "wheres Daniel? wheres Daniel? wheres Daniel? wheres Daniel? wheres Daniel?..." Its funny!

Ivy is always copying the things I do, EVERY TIME I finish someones hair she climbs up on the chair and pulls the cape over her and says, "hair, hair." Or she'll grab a brush or comb and do someone else's hair.

She always asks me to paint her nails and to do her hair! HAHA When we out she likes to take her cell phone (toy lol), babydoll and purse (=