Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brittany's baby shower

I had lots of fun planning Brittany's baby shower, the color theme was pink, blue and brown. I wish I had gotten more pictures of the decorations and everything but oh well. Since I got off of work at 4:30am I decided to not go to sleep because the shower started at 10:00am......BAD IDEA! I was soooo tired! But it was very fun and my sister and mom helped a lot with the decorations and games. And my aunt was amazing! She cooked all the waffles, THANK YOU!!!!

below is a picture of Ivy standing in front of the gift me Bren and my mom got for the babies.
It got down to the last second and people stated arriving to this didnt turned out as I had planned but you get the idea.
"double the pleasure
double the fun
double the thanks!!!
so glad you could come"
WOW!!!! This should last her about two days haha jk
A lady in my family's ward in Australia makes these booties, shes orders the lace from some foreign country....sooo cute!
So crafty!!!! she got lots of cute handmade things!!!!
Made by my grandma Colleen (= Ivy has a pink one!!!

cute cute cute!!!
My aunt made these, I guess I only got a picture of the blue one darn it, VERY cute!!!
Thanks Anita and girls!!!!! She wasnt able to make it to the shower )=
I told ya, crafty girls!!! Isnt this adorable?!?!

Measuring in to see who gets the prize.......

Amber Anderson (Glillihan) won!!! She got TWIX
I guess this picture should be at the top....oh well (=
Thanks to everyone that came!!!!!

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Andrea McKeever said...

Soo cute! youre a great sister!