Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my birthday...late : /

my birthday is april 16th.....yes, i know, i am VERY behind on this blog!

oh well. i had a great day!!! for starters i moved that morning! BLEH! after moving all morning my friends treated me to a PEDICURE....YAY! my friends are the best!

after that i went to my sister brittanys house. my sister is seriously AMAZING! she does so SOOOO much for me! she got me my favorite...angel food cake with freash strawberries and whipped cream! yummy!!! brit and bren bought me TOMS!!!! i have been wanting toms for a long time! THANX!!!

that night my friends aaron and travis took me to dick's bar for dinner....crazy place! say the least! then we went to my work (KOI-club in planet hollywood) my mom worked for me that night...THANX MOM! i really had a great birthday!!! thanks EVERYONE!

no matter how i edit this picture....i still look like i was up all night

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