Wednesday, June 8, 2011

mom's have CRAZY feelings!.....but they are usually right!

its weird, but moms seem to always know EVERYTHING! they know when somethings going to happen, or if something is happening in your life...even if your trying to hide it! they just have these crazy feelings or dreams and normally they are always right!

well, my mom called me last week and told me she has been having this feeling for the past week....hmm, what is it?...she swears i am getting married THIS year!

my first thought...HAHAH!

you actually have to talk to boys if you want to ever find one, then you have to get one to like you, than you have to convince one to marry you! im not even dating anyone! after thinking for a while that my mom has fallin off her rocker, i started thinking....what do i want my wedding to be like? hmmmm...i have never been the girl who has always known what she wanted her wedding to like. i am clueless about everything!! even though i am not going to go on a man hunt, i will start preparing myself so i am ready when i do find "the one."

and just for fun i did look up some ideas of what i might want...(=

deffinatley love tthese sleeves...

like the wrap thing...nothing else on this picture

too cute! shabby chic

totally want my ivy girl to wear white like me!!!

no wearing toms!

fun facts about bride & groom....on napkins!

toms again!


love this idea

dont think im crazy people! NOT going to marry the first random guy i meet (=



this is my brother....

he is SUPER talented musically! i cant remember how we came up this insaine look-a-like picture but it is freaky!..... here is another picture of him
below is a picture of mick jagger!...not my brother! everytime i see this picture i stop and stare...its seriously my brother, aaron!...the only difference is mick's nose is slightly!

random post...


march 28, 2011

Ivy''s first gymnastics class!!!!

Ivy is seriously a natural! unfortunally I could only sign her up for four weeks this time...but hopefully soon we can continue with it.

here is Ivy showin some love for mommy!!!

too cute!

my birthday...late : /

my birthday is april 16th.....yes, i know, i am VERY behind on this blog!

oh well. i had a great day!!! for starters i moved that morning! BLEH! after moving all morning my friends treated me to a PEDICURE....YAY! my friends are the best!

after that i went to my sister brittanys house. my sister is seriously AMAZING! she does so SOOOO much for me! she got me my favorite...angel food cake with freash strawberries and whipped cream! yummy!!! brit and bren bought me TOMS!!!! i have been wanting toms for a long time! THANX!!!

that night my friends aaron and travis took me to dick's bar for dinner....crazy place! say the least! then we went to my work (KOI-club in planet hollywood) my mom worked for me that night...THANX MOM! i really had a great birthday!!! thanks EVERYONE!

no matter how i edit this picture....i still look like i was up all night

Friday, June 3, 2011

They come from the land down under!

Its been a year and a hald since I've seen my three youngest siblings! And TWO YEARS since I've seen my dad! CRAZZZZY!

I had a blast hanging out with my family for three weeks!!!!!

All of us!!!!!!!

I'm ready for them to come back! FOR REAL! Ivy LOVES my borthers Alan and Andrew more than anything! They are so good with her! She misses them already!


I love throwing parties!!! Its not often that I am able to so I thought I'd take it into my own hands (and my friends Travis' hands )and throw a birthday party for my good friends Aaron (= We had lots of fun!!!

Travis made the cake, and I got to decorate it!!!!


Whole crew....minus Travis..hes taking the picture

Ivy is TERRIFIED of the pool!

shake it boys!!!......or not :/

The amazing Travis!!!! Juggling coconuts!!!

Oo La La AMBER!!!

YAY!!!! Hope you had fun Aaron!!!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing hair.....I like cutting and coloring ok but this is my PASSION!!!.....