Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Welcome BABY JET!!!

 FINALLY!  Jet has arrived!  November 27th ( the day before Thanksgiving!!! ) 3:25am!  I was TERRIFIED because at my last appointment my midwife said said she wouldn't say how big he was...that scared me more then if she had said I was going to have a 12 pound baby!  He ended up being 8lbs 8oz (Ivy was 7lbs 4oz) that wasn't as big as we thought he'd be.
He was born in our apartment!  Yes, it was planned!  We had a scare, his cord was around his neck and he was not breathing when he came out!  It was sooo scary!  Thank heavens he came around!  
He was and still is ADORABLE!!!  We LOVE HIM SOOOOOOO MUCH!

This is Thanksgiving day!!!

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