Saturday, November 27, 2010


Wacthing all the maddness on the news used to scares me but ever since the year I was pregnant with Ivy we have made it a tradtion for us girls to go shopping. And its very fun! Ive never gone for a TV or anything crazy thank goodness! Mostly just cheap movies and christmas PJ's. This year I was determined to find a to kitchen for Ivy! While going through the ads I found one I really liked but there was no way in he-- I was going to Toys R Us! So I found another one in the Target ad. It was cheaper but I really wanted a nice wood one since it will be sitting out in my livning room most of the time....but I decided on the talking princess kitchen. Ivy spotted it in the ad on Thanksgiving and kept telling everyone she wanted it, so I know she will LOVE it! our first stop was Old Navy. Its tradition to get new PJ's on Christmas Eve so I bought some for Bren, Aaron and myself (= I also found some cute skinny jeans for $15 that will took cute with boots!!! I hope they fit!....there was no way I was waiting in the dressing room line, NOPE! The line was insainely long! Thank goodness everyone that worked there were SO nice!

second, Brit went home to feed the twins and I headed to Wal-Mart. I thought the kicthen was there so I was sad when I couldnt find it )= until I remembered that it was a Target...opps! So I headed to the cheapo movies. They had a good selection! Lots were only $1.98!!!!

thrid was Target, we got there right before it opened. We were surprised at how long the line was, it seemed to go accross the whole fornt of the store, when we got to the back we realised that it was MUCH longer than that! It went accross the whole fornt and then along side of the store! GEEPERS! Once it opened the line moved along quickly. The people were feirce! They pushed and shoved anyone or anything in the way! I saw an older lady get bumped with a cart and I was like aww sad but then she gave a butt head remark so I didnt feel as bad for her. I was happy I found the kitchen and a couple of princess baby dolls for Ivy. These people are nuts! And I guess Im a little nuts for going out but at least Im not CRAZY!

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