Saturday, November 27, 2010

happy halloween!

I took Ivy to the Springs Preserve a couple days before Halloween, shes enjoyed it very much! They had lots of fun games and trick-or-treating but Ivy's favorite was when a local kids dance studio put on a really cool show. It was a freak circus show. The kids were really good singers/dancers. Ivy tried to sneak onto the stage a couple times hahaha (=
She was very afraid of some of the costumes but she saw someone dresses as Elmo and she freaked (with excitement!!!) she begged me to take her to him and I couldn't see where he had gone so I started heading toward the trick-or-tricking spots to hopefully get her to forget about Elmo. But she wouldn't let it go, the whole time we were walking she was calling for Elmo. I spotted a little boy with an Elmo costume on but she was not satisfied. Finally I was able to distract her at at the end of the night she did get to see Elmo (not the same one) again....oh joy!

My friend Nick and I work together so we thought it would be cool to dress up needed to be low budget but not SUPER lame. I dicided to be a widow, a widow that killed her husband. These pictures are from the night before Halloween, everyone at work dressed for the two nights before Halloween and obiously Halloween night.

Halloween night was very chill for Ivy and I this year. I had planned on hitting up as many houses as we could get LOTS of CANDY!!! We went near Rhodes Ranch where my sisters best friend lives. About 3 mins before we got there Ivy fell asleep! So I stopped at KFC and tried to get her to wake up and be happy! Its worked!....after a while. So we got there and Ivy was pretty nervous about going up to random peoples houses, which is good I guess. But she'd wake to the door, knock, then turn around and say, "no ones home," and run away (= she got scared at alot of the decorations too. She was VERY good at her "trick-or-treats!" and her, "thank yous!"
So we werent moving at the pace I had planned on so I just decided to chill out and take it easy, she was having fun so the candy was not as important. We went down aout 1 1/2 streets before Ivy told me she had to go potty, luckily we were on the same street were Karen (brits best friend) lived. So we stopped by and asked to use the restroom. They invited us to stay and sit for a while......we ended up staying over an hour, Ivy was having so much fun and I was enjoying sitting back and enjoying the company. I work 7 nights a week so I get TIRED! To say the least (= I had to get going because I had work later that night so David (Karen's husband) said they wanted to be Ivy's last house to go trick-or-tricking at. So they had Ivy and I go outside and knock again, Karens gave Ivy probably ten handfuls of candy! WOW we didnt need to go to anymore houses anyway! After we left there I took Ivy to Brittany's for bed and I went to work. What a great Halloween it was (=

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