Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ivy's PARTY!

I was so excited about Ivy's party this year!!! I put lots of effort and planning into it. I came home from work around 5am! BLEH! and I was beyond tired so I set an early alarm to finish up cleaning and decoraiting....well at 10am (only 2 hours before the party!) I woke up from knocking at my door, it was "the girls" (11 year old twins, close family friends) they were coming over to help make to brownie dipped oreos that I was making rather than cake. I woke up with a KILLER migraine )= I seem to get them at the very wosrt times! Luckily I had lots of help setting up and baking!!!! I was in so much pain that I couldnt see to put my make up on or do much with my there were no pictures of me haha (=
Best friends!!! And closet cousins!!!
SASSY! She knew this day was ALL about her!!!! Thanks Brit for making Ivy's hair clip!!!! CUTE!!!!

All dressed up!!!

Since I was so sick I could not get everything done, steamers werent hung and table wasnt set so I just decided to lay it all out on the table and everyone could help themselves. Wasnt exacly how I planned it but I think it tuned out cute (=
Singing to Ivy!!!
Happy birthday sweet girl!!!!!

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