Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ivy's interveiw

I was looking at blogs on Sunday and saw this awesome idea on my friend Kelly's blog! Her twin girls just had a birthday and she sat then down and had a little interview with each one of them. Now, it's not Ivy's birthday but I thought this was such an awesome idea! Ivy's growing so fast and she makes me smile everyday with her comments. She's very very silly and says lots of funny things and shes so smart, sometimes she uses words or phrases that make her seem like she is 20 years old! Here is a picture right before we started....she was in a very silly mood (as always) and some of her answers were just nonsence but I wrote it all down so we can look back and remember her at this fun age (=

Oct. 9, 2011

Ivy, what is your favorite color? My favorite and umm red and purple!

What is your favorite animal? My favorite animal is a graf (giraffe). A baby graf and a mama graf.

Favorite letter? "IVY" (????...)

What do you love to do? Color crayons and coloring stuff like reading books. I have the one with Minnie and Mickey!!!

Fav food? Fish & crab (LIES!)....Whats your real favorite??? Chicken and salad with dressing.

Candy?!?!? Ducky stuff (Sugar factory candy bag has a rubber ducky on it) and ducky store chocolate.

What is your favorite book? Disneyland, Wizard of Oz book

Song? Hercules (I won't say I'm in love), "Dunnel dunnel" (the beginning of the glee song has a cool acapella part) Baby mine don't you cry (from Dumbo).

Favorite thing to do in preschool? Go outside and color (trace) our bodies.

What is something that you can do easily? Color my name myself (almost)

What is something that is hard for you? I can work hard games stuff, Dora the explorer game (I don't know were this came from...Dora is not welcome is our home, seriously!)


she wanted to sing her ABC's!!! Whcich she did perfectly minus the "H I K,K L M N O P"

Then she sang Rodolph the red nosed reighdeer.

What do you love about mommy? I donno (while looking at a Harry Potter book).

What do you love about mommy? I wanna make a heart for you, I love you. (= then she went on about loving her friends.

What is special about IVY?!?!? Because thats why my friends like me speical. Johnny Smith is my friend and Jesus.

What do you love about church? Playing with friends...I love my aunt Bethany!!!...sing baby minedon't you cry, Jesus is my favorite!!! I said, "hey" because there was a picture with Jesus on it.

Do you have any questions for mommy? I do, can you write (draw) me a baby teddy and like a mommy teddy and a baby teddy? PLEASE!!!...PLEASE!!!

Thats the end (= she was getting bored and distracted at the do most 3 years old after five minutes (=

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