Thursday, January 31, 2013

Family photos!!!! (=

I hadn't done professionals of Ivy and I in an embarrassing amount of time!  I was set on doing Christmas cards this year even though money and time were tight!  My friend Dave who is the main photographer at the wedding chapel I work at shot these awesome pictures!!! I can't thank him enough!  Poor Ivy was a little sick )=  but they turned out so well (= 

I love this!!!
 Ivy looks so cute looking up at me! awww
 one of my favs!

 I love cute bum in those skinny jeans!!!

 didn't have enough time to paint finger nails but this turned out great!!!
 shes cuuuute!  
 kisses for mommy!

 another fav!
These are AMAZING!  THANKS DAVE!!!!!!

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