Thursday, January 31, 2013

My sweet girl is 5!

I cannot believe Ivy is 5 years old!  WOW!  Like I reaaaally can't believe it!  She is my little baby!  Her turning 5 is bitter sweet.  I love the young lady she is becoming but at the same time the thought of her going into school makes me crazy!  
I always struggle with party planning with her birthday being so close to the holidays!  I knew I was going to do a Mary Poppins theme but didn't allow any time to plan I leterally did eveything the day before....which was ok because it was midweek and we had a very small guest count anyway I just hate being rushed.
Well it turned out very cute anyway so I was happy (=
and we had a very special guest.....

MARY POPPINS!!!!!! (=  

 The whole time we were in Disneyland Ivy kept asking for this Lady stuffed animal!  I had to wait until she was sleeping to sneak and buy it!

 loooooove this one!
 my birthday princess!!!

 the poppins and i!!!

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