Sunday, February 3, 2013

new friend (:

Meet David!!!  He's my new friend....who is a boy....who is my
boyfriend!  haha
 Here, I'll answer all of your questions....your welcome!
Where did we meet you ask?  At the singles ward thats where.
Where is he from?  Good old North Carolina.
Why is he in Vegas?  He served his mission here and loved it guess (=
How old is he?  Its not your business!  I'm not that much older than him!
....he's 22...
What does he do for work?  He works at some sign place...ask him!  And he does some finacial aid stuff that is way cool and he helped me get life insurance which is very imporant!

If you have further questions you may Facebook stalk him.  David Marsh is the name (:

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