Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Mini Valentine (:

This year I asked Ivy if she'd my Valentine, she told me no because I have a boyfriend! )= DISSSSSED!  Then I told her I can have 2!!!....AND....if she said yes I'd but her goodies (;  so she agreed.
Today is V-day!  And I'm working ALL day....of course Valentines day is a BIG wedding day in LV.  This morning I gave Ivy a little gift, just some mini princess coloring books with stickers and some little twist up crayons to keep her busy during church.  Tomorrow is when I am actually celebrating V-day.  I did buy myself some See's yesterday and stood in line for about 45mins (:  girl loves her See's!
I took a few pics before work with my boo (= 

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